General Rules
All players must follow Obsidian Fleets rules of conduct. Those can be found here.

All players are also expected to be respectful of the Chain of Command and each other. This is meant to be a welcoming and open environment for all.
This sim is a 13+ sim, so be aware of the content you post.

Major subplots and plot suggestions are very welcome, but must be cleared by the Command staff before you initiate them. We make an effort to allow players as much say as possible.
If you intend to have the ship receive damage, please clear that with the CO first.

Activity and Posting
Players must log in at least once per week.
Players are expected to respond to tags within 7 days from the time it is saved.
Players are expected to publish a post every 2 weeks. This may be a solo post, personal log, or a larger group post.
Players are expected to publish a solo post or personal log once a month.
Posts are expected to be at least 400 words for a solo or joint post, and at least 120 words for a personal log.

The process is pretty simple. 3 strikes and you're out.
Breaking any of the rules can result in a strike, at the discretion of the CO and XO. Warnings are often issued first, but repeat or egregious offenses will receive a strike.
Strikes will fall off after 2 months of receiving no strikes.
Offensive, abusive, or hurtful comments may be grounds for immediate dismissal, at the discretion of the CO.