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Lieutenant JG Tophen Hox

Name Tophen Hox

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description A first look at Tophen would give the impression that he is an average Betazoid male. He has an open disposition, and is usually smiling (if not with his mouth, with his eyes). In no way, is he intimidating in physique. He keeps himself healthy, but doesn't go further out of his way to gain mass. His dark hair is usually kept short and neat. Overall, he tries to keep a neat appearance.


Father Tyren Hox
Mother Mirien Hox

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tophen is a pleasant person. He tries to be an inviting person, especially in social situations. Due to his telepathy, he is quite sympathetic with many people. He is talkative, almost to a fault, and seems to have little shame. He is very loyal to colleagues. He tends to crack jokes in tense times, as a de-stresser to himself and those around him. He is dedicated to his work, and tries to keep up with the quickly changing technology.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
He is good a interspecies communication, even without using his telepathy. He's got the tongue of a polyglot, and keeps it sharp by studying. Although it is not part of his responsibilities, he tries to keep morale up amongst crewmembers.

His social nature has gotten in trouble a few times, especially in tense moments. He tends to turn to humor and lightheartedness, even in the most serious of circumstances. He would never hurt anyones feelings on purpose, but sometimes his honesty is abrasive.
Ambitions It's impossible to learn every possible language, but Tophen tries. It is a goal of his to help discover a new culture and language to study.
Hobbies & Interests Tophen enjoys playing sports, although he is not very good at them. He constantly is trying new things. He might be seen learning the vulcan harp one week, and the next week, he's taken up hoverball. It is dependent on his mood.

Personal History As the single son of traders, Tophen was used to traveling across the stars. His parents dealt Betazoid art and minerals, mostly in Federation space. As opposed to exchanging goods for currency, they would barter services and other items to bring back to Betazed to sell. As Tophen got older, he started helping around the shop by showing the wares or cleaning the shop. After he got older, his parents became more adventurous with their trade routes, even going as as the Neutral Zone and some Klingon colonies. He was able to learn some basic phrases in Klingon and was mildly fluent in a dialect of Romulan by the age of 16. Betazoids were not well trusted, but the Hox's ship was able to defend itself if worse came to worse. Tophen learned how to repair many of the ship's systems, albeit, he did a patchwork job at best. Even with his nomadic life, Tophen wanted something more. He turned to a long-revered concept of joining Starfleet. By the age of 17, he enlisted and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

The Academy was his first long-term experience with people his age. He made sure to enjoy every minute of it. He would often times get in trouble for partying or falling into early adulthood high jinx. Despite his reputation, he was a good student, and kept up his studying. He excelled in his Xenolinguistics and Cultural Studies, which in turn, he made his major. He graduated in 2254.

His first assignment was as a Communication Operator on the USS Farragut. His position was mostly an engineering job, where he managed subspace frequency telometers. The Farragut, being an expeditionary vessel, quenched much of his ambition to meet new people and species. Although, he rarely was apart of any away teams or major first contact mission, he enjoyed his time there. Anxious to move up, after only two years, he took training under the Communications Chief to try and get a position on the bridge. Albeit, he would be on the night shift. Within that year, he dedicated himself to his career, making sure to double check everything. His captain noticed, and was willing to even give a word of recommendation to change assignments when the Farragut finished its four-year term.

Tophen requested a transfer to the USS Biddeford to the the role of the Assistant Chief of Communications position. When they arrived at Earth Spacedock in 2258, his transfer was accepted by Command. When a distress signal from Vulcan was called, he stayed on Earth awaiting the Biddeford. At the time, he didn’t realize that it would be the last he would see of his crewmates. Due to the destruction of Vulcan, Starfleet moved full steam ahead. His assignment to the Biddeford was revoked, and Tophen was reassigned to Outpost 5 in Sector Z-6. Because of his background working near the Romulan border, they want Tophen’s expertise to help with espionage efforts and monitoring of the Neutral Zone. The asteroid-base was hell for the ensign. Due to the high stress from the Vulcan disaster, he hated his job and assignment more and more as the days continued. For two years, he was in charge of translating and reporting Romulan frequencies. By the time of the Vengeance incident, he was considering getting discharged from Starfleet. Luck was in his favor, though. After the attack on San Francisco, Starfleet Command loosened its espionage efforts. Outpost 5’s crew was returned back to a minimum amount, which lead to Tophen getting reassigned.

A year and a half longer than he had hoped, Tophen received the promotion to Assistant Chief. This time, it was on the USS Exeter. The Exeter was a newer ship, but Tophen adjusted to the new technology quickly. The ship was on an exploratory mission near Ferengi space in the Venosi sector. Although Tophen still had doubts about Starfleet, he continued on his assignment. The exploration reignited his passion for his work, and he improved himself enough to catch the eye of his commanding officer, who in turn promoted him to Lieutenant Junior Grade. His ambition won over him, and after the end of the Exeter’s tour, he applied to transfer to the USS Defiant as the Chief Communications Officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Xenolinguistics Cadet (2250-2254)
USS Farragut - Communcation Systems Operator (2254-2258)
Outpost 5 - Communications Liaison (2258-2259)
USS Exeter - Assistant Chief of Communications (2259-2563)