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Rana Jennar

Name Rana Jennar

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Vulcan/Half Betazoid
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description It is easy to see that Rana has a mixed heritage. Like most Betazoids his features are indistinguishable from a human. He does not have the typical black eyes. He inherited his father’s gunmetal blue eyes and pointed ears. His hair is the color of a Terran wheatfield and he wears it to just past his shoulders since he doesn’t have a chance to cut it all that often.

He does a lot of swimming and he doesn’t always get enough to eat and his body reflects that. He stands just a shade over five feet ten and his frame is lithe and sinewy. Having been clothed in animal skins prior to his rescue, Rana is eager to just wear real clothing. He does favor darker colors and more casual outfits. Still wary of his new surroundings, he is always looking around checking for any danger.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Father Barim Jennar (deceased)
Mother T’Janikriel (deceased)
Brother(s) Konral Jennar(deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family T’marie (42), T’rena (40), T’sire(36), half-sisters S’Kendal (half-brother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rana has had an interesting and somewhat stressful life, just trying to survive and he has not had any human contact for a little more than eight years. He doesn’t have good table manners, he has almost forgotten how to speak and he has almost no social skills. Additionally, he has only a cursory understanding of technical issues. He’s been able to maintain what remains of their runabout’s makeshift solar panels and has a limited power supply, but anything beyond something basic like that would be over his head.

However, despite his somewhat primitive background, he posses an above average intelligence and almost eidetic memory. His dual heritage is not just restricted to his appearance. Though untrained He is strongly telepathic. This is both a blessing and a curse, as he begins to interact with people because he has yet to develop much of a filter.

His senses, while well within normal ranges for his hybrid nature, have been carefully honed. And he is very aware of his surroundings all, or at least most of the time. As might be expected he has excellent survival skills like; hunting, tracking, fishing and moving silently.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rana has a strong and independent spirit. He is calm under pressure and not much rattles him. He is also very good at hunting and other survival skills as well as hand to hand combat. He has an above average intelligence and an almost eidetic memory. Those are all his strengths.

While he has a good grasp of the technical requirements for complex technologies but lacks the foundational knowledge that underpins that. (i.e. - He knows about advanced warp dynamics and how dilithium matrices interact with a subspace field, but he doesn't know what dilithium is) and human culture. He has an excellent but limited vocabulary and sometimes has difficulty with slang terms. He is not an introvert because he is intently curious, but he is somewhat socially awkward and he doesn’t get the social cues that most people take for granted. He’s not good with a phaser. Those are his weaknesses.

Somewhere in the middle is his telepathic ability. While he is quite a strong telepath, he has a very limited shield or filter, so it is easy for him to get overwhelmed by a lot of emotions and thoughts. Additionally, he is untrained, which makes him something of a wildcard and he is unfamiliar with proper telepathic etiquette.
Ambitions Survival has been his primary ambition up until now, along with satisfying his curiosity. Now, he can focus on learning as much as he can, finding his career path, and from a personal standpoint, finding someone to love.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys cooking, outdoor activities, swimming, and reading

Personal History T’Janikriel was a Starship Captain and Barim was a diplomat assigned to the Vulcan woman’s ship. She was a widow and not looking for another husband, nor was Barim looking for a wife. Yet, being in close contact and sharing in more than one dangerous mission, contributed to sparks flying and they became romantically involved and eventually were married.
Their first born was a boy they named Konral, four years later Rana came along.

Konral was the doting older brother, always looking out for Rana and protecting him. He was his mother’s son, cool, logical and even when he was very young he had a commanding personality, though he was a bit reserved. Both boys shared a superior intellect, though they expressed it in different ways. Konral was good at academics, skipping two grades during his first year of school and by the time he was eight, he was in the equivalent of the ancient Terran sixth-grade.

Rana, on the other hand, took more after his father, he was intuitive, more outgoing than his brother. He had a vocabulary beyond his years and was unafraid to carry on a conversation with anyone.

When Konral was nine and Rana was five T’Janikrel was given an extended two-week leave. And they bought a Captain's Yacht. An unexpected ion storm drove them off course and severely damaged the small craft. Barim died during the storm and Konral and Rana’s mother managed to keep the ship together until they reached a small planetoid about the size of the old Terran North America state called New Mexico. It was the only Class M planet around.

She was able to bring the ship down, a crash landing, mostly in one piece, but died on impact, because she was flung herself over her two sons when a section of the roof was coming down on top of them.

Both boys were scared spitless and had to deal with the grief of losing both their parents. Konral took charge; sending out a distress signal trying to keep the replicator and life support systems online and everything else he knew to do. After the first year, the replicator was no longer functional, and they had only marginal power. The saving grace was that the small planet abounded in natural resources.

The summers were brief but blistering, the winters long and cruel, the other two seasons were always unpredictable. During the winter when Rana was nine and his brother was thirteen, Konral got lost in a blizzard and died, leaving the younger boy all by himself.

He grew up fast, he had to in order to survive, but he had no one to talk to but himself and some animals and he soon found that he was doing more imitating their speech than talking to himself, at least out loud. It was a lonely existence and he longed for the social interaction he had been used to. And while he never gave up his desire for it, he grew to forget what it was really like.

Until one day Klingon on ship, looking for dilithium crystals landed on the planet and took the young boy captive. They would have killed him on the spot, but decided instead to keep him alive more out of curiosity than anything else.