Doctor Grikaan

Name Grikaan

Position Counselor

Rank Doctor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Xindi Arboreal
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 215lbs
Hair Color Grey-Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Grikaan is a Xindi Arboreal in his midlife stage. He bears a striking coat of red fur that has begun its transition to grey. He frequently has an analytical look on his face, though it unclear if he's actually analyzig people or if that's just the way he looks.


Spouse Nessa (Deceased)
Children Torik (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Grikaan is a calm and quiet man. He's experienced much loss in his life and as such has a keen understanding of how people cope with such things. He frequents the ships lounge, often engaging in one on one conversations with his peers. He has a keen eye for those in need of assistance, but he allows them to come to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Kind
+ Confidential
+ Good at understanding the pain of others

- Might be analyzing everyone all the time
- Doesn't like field work
Ambitions He wants to maintain a simple life. His family was killed in a Klingon raid and he was rescued by Starfleet soon after. Since then, his focus has been aiding those in Starfleet who have suffered loss.
Hobbies & Interests Psychoanalysis, cribbage, flute playing, and surfing

Personal History Grikaan and his family were traders along the Klingon border for decades. They had been relatively successful for most of that time, as the region was quiet. However, as Klingon expansion began anew, they were soon in higher risk situations. It was one fateful day that led them into the path of a particularly cruel Klingon raiding ship. In the ensuing attack, Grikaan and many of his vessel's people were injured. His wife and child were among those killed.

Their vessel drifted for days, nearly running out of food and oxygen. However, they were rescued by a passing Federation starship, the USS Rhodes, which brought the survivors to safety.

With his family lost, Grikaan looked for many belief structures to help heal the pain, but found none. It was his stumblings upon emotional therapy that made him feel he could recover. After becoming whole himself, he studied at a psychology school on Denobula. Ultimately, he decided to repay the debt to Starfleet, becoming a civilian counselor, jumping between various ships before joining the USS Defiant.