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Lieutenant JG Natalie Cross

Name Natalie Hope Cross

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9”
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Natalie, a lengthy athletic woman with short black hair that sits well above her shoulders. Her eyes naturally hazel color however appear in different colors depending on her mood, situation and environment. She has small tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. A tree of life. Doesn’t often talk about it, and when she does she tends to simply say that it’s to honor her family memory.


Father Mason (deceased)
Mother Sofia (deceased)
Other Family Morgan Cross - Aunt
Harriet Avery - Mentor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Natalie is a cool, calm and collected individual. All of her life experiences whether good or bad have taught her to continue taking steps forward even when everything around you appears to be falling apart. Weather the storm, push forward, and live to fight another day - are all phrases that resided with her. This isn’t to say that she comes across as someone that is extremely positive but simply someone that understands that in life you win and lose some but how you walk away from it is what matters.

She is a constant professional. Doesn’t mix duty with pleasure and vice versa. She treats everyone with respect and dignity they deserve and expects the same in return. She isn’t afraid to call someone out and right a wrong if the situation calls for it. She can be hard around the edges but that isn’t to say that she doesn’t care. The truth is that she cares a lot she just doesn’t know how to express it.

More than often she is all business but she does have a fun side and does let loose sometimes. This can turn people off from her. However, for those that stick around long enough. Push through the barriers and walls that she has come to build will learn that she is a sweet, caring, fun and loving person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Natalie’s strengths come from her dedication, determination, and professionalism she exhibits on a daily basis. She is very intelligent, and analytical. A sponge for information. It would be accurate to say that her profession is her strength.

On the other side, she isn’t very good at interpersonal relationships. She keeps people at a distance and is hard to get to know.
Ambitions A successful and long lasting career in Starfleet is important to her. Her career defines her. However, there is the small voice inside of her that calls out, and yearns for a family of her own, and a place to call home.
Hobbies & Interests She has a vast number of interests but at the root of it she still tends to enjoying tinkering in the engineering realm and computer science. When the opportunity presents itself she loves to play volleyball, and swim. Also, an avid mountain climber and is always down for a good hike.

Personal History Natalie Hope Cross was born September 9th, 2232 to Mason and Sofia Cross on New Hope, a colony near the Klingon and Federation border. Her father Mason was an engineer at the colony, and her mother Sofia a teacher. They were one of the first to settle on New Hope, and Natalie was the first child to be born on the colony. In honor of that new parents decided to make her middle name Hope.

New Hope was a thriving colony. For the first seven to eight years the population would double each year. It was a shining beacon for those looking for an opportunity and a piece of land they could call their own but this beacon also had the unfortunate side effect of inviting raiders, and pirates from nearby sectors. The colony turned into a target and it would get hit couple of times monthly. At first the colony government reached out to Starfleet. They would dispatch a ship to patrol the sector. Everyone would be quiet and after a while the ship would leave and attacks would return.

This continued on for a better part of a year. The once thriving colony turned into a place to avoid and over the next year or so majority of people that had migrated there had left. Only a few hundred had remained. The raiders and pirates stopped attacking as often and then there was a peaceful period of about a year.

Unfortunately, one day in 2245 a raider ship entered orbit. Before the colonist had a chance to do anything number of buildings had been taken out from orbit including the communication center. It was then that they sent down a raiding party. People ran, and hid but it was no use. The raiders were not interested in equipment or any material things they were looking for people. Natalie’s parents hid her and they ran out to help others. Natalie could hear the scream of people in the colony. It felt like it went on for hours then suddenly there was no more screams. No more voices. It was simply quiet.

As she left her hiding spot, she was met by pure chaos and horror of the aftermath of the situation. The few other survivors left their hiding spots and broke down in tears. Natalie just stood there. Not a word. Not a tear. A cold stone look on her face as she took it all in. Few days after the incident, a supply ship had arrived in orbit and the survivors were taken to a nearby Starfleet output.

Natalie was sent to Earth to live with her aunt Morgan Cross. The new living arrangements proved to be difficult for both of them. Morgan tried her best to take care of Natalie and provide for her, but with constantly being busy at work it left Natalie to deal with her own demons on her own.

As time passed Natalie started to act out. First it was simple arguments with her aunt which turned into running away from home then she eventually fell in with the wrong crowd and run ins with the local law enforcement. After many such encounters she had finally went too far and Starfleet Security had stepped in to deal with a situation involving Natalie.

This proved to be a saving grace for Natalie. She met an investigator from Starfleet Security by the name of Harriet Avery. Harriet sympathized with Natalie and too her under her wing. Over the next several years Harriet mentored and helped Natalie not be angry at the world.

When Natalie turned 18 years of age she applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Initially she wanted to be an engineer but after her entrance exam she had scored rather high which opened other opportunities for her. It was then that she was recruited by the Intelligence Division of Starfleet. After much internal debate she decided to drop her engineer aspirations and go into Intelligence.

For the first time in her life since the colony incident she felt like she could relax and let go of the past. She developed several close-knit relationships and even got close to marriage during her time at the Starfleet Academy. She also took he education seriously and graduate close to the top of the class.

Upon graduation she was assigned to Bartlett Outpost as an Junior Analyst. Her stay there was short and sweet. She quickly proved herself to be very capable in an Analyst role and was transferred to Mead. A listening outpost on the border of Federation and Romulan space. Next several years were spent at Mead analysing various information that they were able to collect from Romulan space.

Following her time at Mead she was assigned to a specialised unit that was assigned to Camp Powell. Their mission was to investigate a rogue group of mercenaries that had been operating within Federation space. After a year of meeting dead ends at every turn they finally got a break in the investigation. A piece of information landed in their lap. It seemed too good to be true, and while most of them felt that it was a trap they still felt that they needed to act on it.

They headed to a planet that was essentially a frozen tundra. A camp was set up approximately 100 km from their target. Majority of the unit headed out the next day, Natalie along with three other analysts remained in the camp as support. As the unit closed in on target location, their camp was attacked. Natalie and one other analyst survived this attack. They were captured by this group of mercenaries and tortured for information. After a few weeks of this, one morning the other analyst was taken and that was the last time she saw her friend Mary. Natalie was left alone in a cold and dark room for days. She was fed just enough to be able to survive but not fight back.

After a while she lost track of time and then one day she heard explosions outside. She was rescued six months after she had been taken. She was in a very weak state physically and mentally. When she returned to Earth she was greeted by friends and family. She had a lot of support in her recovery and while she quickly recovered physically the mental part was the hard part for Natalie.

At this point she wasn’t sure she wanted to be in Starfleet any longer. She took an extended leave of absence. Took the time to work on her issues. It was a hard difficult path to get back to a stable state. But after four years she was ready to get back in the saddle and try again.

Upon her return to Starfleet she was assigned to USS Lynx, as an Intelligence Officer. Over time she once again proved herself and her capabilities and was moved into a position of a Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer.

Natalie continued to work hard and her Chief took notice of this. He recommended her for a position of Chief Intelligence Officer, and to his surprise it was denied. After receiving this news he fought tooth and nail to get them to change their mind and after several months he was successful. Natalie received her transfer orders to the USS Defiant to be the Chief Intelligence Officer.
Service Record 2250 - 2254 - Starfleet Academy - Intelligence Division

2254 - Outpost Bartlett - Junior Analyst

2254 - 2257 - Listening Outpost Mead - Analyst/Senior Analyst

2257 - Camp Powell - Senior Analyst

2258 - 2261 -Leave of Absence from Starfleet

2261 - 2264 USS Lynx - Intelligence Officer/Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

2264 - USS Defiant - Chief Intelligence Officer