The Sim

The year is 2263. War looms on the Horizon.

The United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire have been rivals since the founding, resorting to military conflict on numerous occasions. Now the fires of war are burning again.

A border dispute has quickly spiraled out of controlling, leading to both sides of the border becoming militarized. Starfleet has had to pull its resources together to fortify the region.

Having survived their harrowing confrontation with the Volan Expanse entity, the newly refitted USS Defiant must balance their primary mission of exploration with the needs of the Federation.

The USS Defiant was been purpose built to explore the stars. Filled with all of the technological advantages of its time, the Defiant puts science and exploration first, boasting impressive databases, laboratories, and sensor facilities. However, she is also one of the most heavily armed ships in the fleet. The Constitution class's versatility helps it fit most classes of mission. Its a good thing too. The Defiant's mission is set to take her far outside of the Federation support network and she's going to face some significant threats.

Starfleet’s attempt to focus on peaceful exploration is being put to the ultimate test. In this time of war, is there still room for peace?

Current Location: At Warp

Current Mission: