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Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 1:39pm by Captain Christopher James

Captain's Log, Stardate 2263.141

It's been two days since the Defiant's return to our universe and thankfully, the entity doesn't appear to be in pursuit. Repairs are underway, but the ship received a beating. It will likely take well over a month to get her operational again.

Engineering has informed me that our starboard nacelle is inoperable in its current state, leaving Defiant unable to travel under her own power. We're completely reliant on the Aldrin's warp drive to get us back to dock. Most of our weapon systems will need to be completely replaced as well, as the entity devoured a decent portion of our saucers outer hull. We were lucky it didn't try to latch onto the bridge.

We somehow suffered remarkably low casualties. Luckily enough, the Spector controlling the living likely saved countless lives, as we were able to stun rather than being forced to put down reanimated crewmates.

I suppose all is well again, but I can't shake the feeling that this wasn't the last we've seen of the creature. We wounded it, but I know we didn't kill it. It was too powerful for that. And things haven't been completely restored. Losing the Shelley meant that we were unable to recover any data other than what the swat team gathered. Furthermore, Lena V never returned. The planet is simply gone. The gravitational consequences of a lost planet are wreaking havoc on the rest of the Lena system. It's likely to be centuries before it's habitable.

The Hydran Kingdoms are another concern. Since our encounter with the entity, it appears that there hasn't been a single Hydran sighting in the entire Volan Expanse. Message sent into their territory have also gone unanswered. We'll need to perform long range scans, but it's almost as though the entire race was wiped from existence, removed from the face of the galaxy.

Any entity that can do such a thing would certainly have survived us. Which begs he question, where is it now?


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