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missing him dearly

Posted on Fri Oct 6th, 2017 @ 9:12am by Lieutenant Surovec

I miss Gurrav dearly. Over the last several weeks and months after his untimely passing. I still think of him. I wonder what life would be with that smooth talker. I dwell on what could've been, what life path we would've have, the children that could've came out of our relationship, and so much more. But, Gurrav's life was cut short by those damn fucking Romulans. Hell that same Romulan would've have sent me to see Gurrav, if it weren't for my fellow officers and friends on the Defiant.

Of Course, I would've welcome the coldness of death just to be with my lovely Gurrav. I still recall all the arguments over sub-space and the one that lead us to being lovers. I miss those the most. Yet, the damn Romulans stole that and destroyed them. He worked hard to get there, he worked hard to make me happy. But, the Romulans....-sighs-...ugh.

I will never trust Romulans. Not after what they did to me and to Gurrav.


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