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End of Leave

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 9:51am by Lieutenant JG Tophen Hox

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Hox's Log. Stardate 2263.223.

This shore leave was... interesting—to say the least. It started out with the death of one of my previous colleagues at the listening post. We've lost so many in the war, but it's hard when it's a friend. Maia had such a spark of life in her. She always gave a boost to morale, even in the tensest of times. And to think that light is now diminished in this goddess-forsaken war... I just... Lieutenant Maia Candrell will be missed dearly.

And as if he knew, Ian came to my quarters when we reached Arcadia to invite me out. It was a good distraction from it all. And then Ian created an even better distraction by being framed for terrorism. Although it cut leave short, it was good to get lost into the investigation. Now that the investigation is over, we are now en-route to Tholian space. I'm eager to see what exactly Starfleet wants us to do there, but either way, I'll be calibrating the universal translator for the Tholian language and brushing up on my knowledge of their alphabet. I'm anxious to see what more is in store for us on the Defiant."


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