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Trapping One's Self

Posted on Tue Aug 7th, 2018 @ 3:15pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds

Captain's Log Supplemental,

As I look out the viewport, I find myself confronting the real possibility that I've just willingly walked into my grave...and brought my whole crew with me.

The energy grind of the Tholian Web has overtaken our entire field of view. Its as if the stars are no longer out there and all that remains is the situation I've placed us in. I will allow myself the slight reprieve by acknowledging that the Tholians weren't likely to let us go. But that doesn't remove much of the pressure. It's quite possible that I am the first Starfleet Captain to willingly enter a Tholian enclosure, especially one that is a quarantine zone.

I can only hope that we are able to solve this infection riddle and secure an agreement with the Tholians. Starfleet Command's next offensive will hinge on this mission's success. The Second and Fifth Fleets are amassing to strike at the Klingon Shipyards over Ro'veth. Our intelligence reports indicate construction on a high power battleship. If we can destroy those shipyards before its construction, we could strike a decisive blow to the Klingon war effort.

Meanwhile, the away team is in the early stages of their search of the Tholian craft. The mystery of this supposed infection seems to get deeper with every passing moment. I can only begin to wonder what kind of creature could kill Tholians in such a way, or drive Tholians to kill each other.


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