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Safe Harbor

Posted on Wed Nov 7th, 2018 @ 11:26pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds

Captain’s Log, Suplemental:

It’s been an arduous journey home. With Tholians on our tail, technical glitches on board, and the concerns regarding the parasites, I haven’t really taken a moment to breathe.

But now, within Federation space, and with the Artemis tailing is, I finally feel like I can breathe.

There are many challenges facing us aboard Arcadia. But I trust in my crew. We might be tired, but we’re up to the task. We just need to come in from the cold for a little while, warm our weary bones. However, if these parasites think we’re unprepared, they will be sorely disappointed.

I’ve been informed me there is a meeting of Admiral’s aboard to hear about some secret project on Arcadia. If ever there was a the makings of a trap, this is it. I intend to use that to our advantage.

We know they’re coming and we know where they want us. That means that we’re at least a half step ahead. If we can pull this off, we might just use this trap against them. It’s our station after all.

End log.


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