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Unpleasant Implications

Posted on Wed Dec 19th, 2018 @ 11:16am by Captain Charlotte Reynolds
Edited on Wed Jan 23rd, 2019 @ 9:52pm

Captain's Log, Supplemental:

I don't like being separated from Defiant. I never like being away from my ship, but I like it less under these circumstances. With all this parasite stuff lurking over our heads, I don't enjoy being in an unfamiliar place.

These things appear to have infiltrated the command staff of Arcadia. And I wouldn't be surprised if there were some in the R&D division, especially given tonights revelations.

On a tangent, we need to come up with someway to refer to these things. Calling them "the parasites" is not sustainable.

I also can't say tonights revelations don't have some ominous implications. This Marine, Rebecca Javier, seems to be a real peach. I haven't met many people who've inspired such a strong dislike so quickly. The fact that the Artemis team think she's a xenophobe doesn't exactly sweeten the deal either. And her ship...

Why the hell would anyone sign off on building that ship? After all the lives it had cost. And to put a Marine like her in command? It doesn't sit right. I just don't get cozy feelings about it.

I must admit, its been nice having downtime though. Got into some billiards shenanigans with the girls last night and stargazing with Maralen tonight. I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable. A bit more like me.

I still wish Defiant had a counselor. I could probably use one.


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