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The Confession

Posted on Sat Jan 27th, 2018 @ 8:14am by Commander Gerald Holmes & Lieutenant 'Iron Kitty' Ang

Mission: Episode 1: Dogs of War
Location: USS Defiant - Jerry's Quarters/Ang's Quarters
Timeline: After "A Little Beaten Up"

Dr.(Commander) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes made his way to his quarters after finally getting off duty from both his jobs as CMO and XO. The double shifts along with all the injured from the battle exhausted him. But he had a bit of personal business with Ang first, come clean to her about his coming clean to Chris without consulting her. At least beyond the time they agreed not to tell Chris back when she wanted to. He went to his synthesizer and made her some flowers and grabbed a bottle from his private stash of booze. He stood at attention as he ordered, "Computer, site to site transport to Ang's quarters. Energize."

Jerry hated using the transporters, but he didn't need to be caught going to Ang's quarters frequently and not with flowers. So he bit his pride and hoped his atoms wouldn't get scattered for trusting the damned contraption. He de-materialized and re-materialized in Ang's quarters. Almost immediately, the speakers in her quarters shouted, "Intruder Alert." Since he would be recognized as a member of the crew by the ship wide sensors, he deduced that Ang set this up to alert her when he 'sneaked' into her quarters like this. Having no patience for this particular game he yelled, "Computer, turn off that damned racket." The room went silent. He called out, "Ang, you home?"

Ang stepped out from behind the wall that lead to the shower. In her hand small .38 pistol and she pointed right at the doctor. her eyes narrowed slightly as she stepped out of the shadows. it was rather bold move for the good doctor to risk such an act to meet her in such a fashion. Over the course of time and dealing with who knows what and Klingons, her reaction to defend herself had her keeping an side arm from her police officer days near by.

"Purrhaps it would be wise, my dear doctor, to just knock" Ang returned as she put away her .38 special into it's hostler as she stepped over to her desk and page security "The beaming in was the doctor, making an home call."

"Are you alright ma'am?" asked one of the officer

"I'm fine, just slipped and fell on my tail in the shower." Ang stated even though it was a lie

"Of course, ma'am" the comms went dead

Ang looked towards to the doctor and she knew why he was here. She knew why he would risk such an act. But she kept that information to herself. The two were lovers and their duties kept them apart for hours. They've always managed to find some bit of time together, even if it was just time talking to one another. But, she did ask one question to cut to the chase of it all.

"Let's start with the bad?" Ang stated

Jerry smiled at Ang as their mutual trait of deductive reasoning shown through on her. Hers from her work as a police officer, his from his medical profession for diagnosis. It was something that served both professions well. He replied, "I wouldn't exactly call it bad, since it was what you originally wanted to do. But I spilled the beans about our relationship to Chris. I let slip that I knew about him and Summer and felt I had to give him something so he would feel his secret was safe with me."

"Ah" returned the security chief.

Of course, this would've have been avoid some time ago, if the two were up front with the captain. But, as the humans would refer to as 'the cait is out of the bag' sums up their ordeal. Plus on the other side of the same coin, the captain had his own hidden secrets. Which, explain a lot of the rumors and hear says that floated about security. She of course, put a halt to them, when they turned up, but never really knew those hear says were in fact true. At least from a certain point of view.

"Interesting to find out that the old rumor mill is still working like clock work, Doctor Banner" she stated to let him in on that she heard the rumors, but made nothing of it, because of her own secret she was going to inform the captain about before the fan was hit with crap "This could've been avoid a while ago, if we spoke to the captain, as I stated. However, with what has taken place so far, our roll of the D-20, wasn't in our favor either." She was referring the old earth Roleplaying book series dice game Dungeons and Dragons while explaining what happen to her with the colonial zombies and the cosmic creature that nearly took her away from her beloved and then the Klingons, who just had to step in to cause all sorts of issues.

"But it's good to know, three things are well secured. Two of which, is the relationship of the captain and second officer, as well as ours. Which neither the four of us, would say openly. But knows that we won't toss anyone under the bus for that information. The third is the rumor mill still works and should remain so. I suggest letting the crew wonder who the captain is with, is Commander Summers or with that one young Bolian lady who works maintenance on deck four. For we both know that mortal at this point during a war, is a good thing and gives them a something to think about while not fight the good fight at their station against the Horde of the Empurrre"

"Good, you took that well. Drinks and a movie?" Jerry asked with a smirk as he raised the bottle of booze. He needed to unwind from the long exhausting shifts he worked because of this situation with the Klingons. He was sure she did as well, like him, she would have been one of the busiest crew members aboard the whole ship. They hadn't had much time lately to focus on their relationship and the fact that it was a secret one made it all the more difficult on them.

"Well, normally, I would ask. My place or yours" Ang returned with a grin as she placed her balled up fist onto her hips and smiling devilishly at her doctor. Of course, her furr was still growing back and it to her it felt like peach fuzz.

Besides, the two only managed to spend a few minutes together. During the fighting with the Klingons, the two shared idle chat, eating a meal a time or two when she came in to check in on her guys, or getting her daily shots to cure the zombie sickness she picked up a while back. She adored the man, as much as he adored her, and their relationship was surely tested. For the two were the busies pair on the ship. The sheer face that Gerald was her and risking his neck as he did, the ciat, knew their relationship was a strong one.

"But, seeing that you beamed in here on an medical emergency..." reminding him of the security stunt he pulled was well covered, before she rubbed her left butt cheek "...purrrhaps you might want to give me a check up. I did fall down in the shower, which resulted in giving my a crack in my butt."

Jerry smirked as he put down the bottle and flowers, his face blushing a slight red-ish tint, "I know it's been a lot of year's since I attended Medical School, but I'm sure the crack of your butt is supposed to be there." He began to remove his uniform to match Ang in her state of undress, "But still, I should check it out to be safe. This Doctor recommends a hot shower to soothe the pain and clean the wound."

"Oh a hot relaxing shower would help me with the booboo I got, Dr. Banner" Ang gave a coy smile as she played along "Can you help me. I hurt all over, doctor."

Once Jerry stood naked before Ang, he approached her, "I'll have to kiss EVERYWHERE you hurt to make those booboo's feel better."

She was glad to spend whatever moment she could with Gerald and her extending out her arms as he came towards her. She of course, giggled and purred as the two slipped behind the wall and the shower door closed behind them.

Dr.(Cmdr.) Gerald "Jerry" Holmes


Lt. 'Iron Kitty' Ang


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