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A Dark Tale

Posted on Mon Jan 22nd, 2018 @ 8:16am by Lieutenant Ian Acainus

Mission: Shore Leave: Drama At Arcadia
Location: Promenade Star Base Arcadia
Timeline: Current

Ian Acainus read the sub-space communication he'd just received for the third time and slammed his fist on the top of his desk, letting loose a string of expletives in his native tongue. He couldn't believe what was happening on his homeworld and yet, sadly, he could. There was always intrigue on the Council, that was a given, but that they were considering switching allegiances went beyond the ordinary struggle for control. There had to be another element.

Ian, it looks like we are now going to become part of the Klingon Empire. They're offering a better deal than the Federation. Besides, the Federation looks like they're going to be on the losing end of the war and we always back the winner. It is time to do your duty. It is time to come home.

Your father

Ian knew exactly what his duty was but it didn't match his father's idea, he was sure. The next morning he'd put that pan in action. But, for the moment, he needed to relax. He left the room he was staying at on Arcadia and headed towards the nearest lounge, unaware that he had a tail.
The Depot

The Akadian took a sip of a rather unusual looking drink with a reddish hue the bartender had called a Risan Sunset and sat it down on the bar in front of him. Federation culture was so much different than his own but he had thought he'd begun to understand it. He'd learned that many people considered flirting, whether it was innocent or provocative to be rude, some even viewed it as harassment. On Akadia, it was considered not only normal but even a compliment, at least among friends or companions. So, he'd learned to tone down his behavior, he didn't want to make people think he wanted to see them naked.

He had managed to spend an entire evening with Tophen, the ship's Communication's Officer without once thinking of flirting with him. Just plain ordinary conversation and an enjoyable evening. He felt a little proud of himself for that accomplishment. So it was more than a little surprising that a man had sat down beside him, unasked and offered to buy him a drink. He'd excepted, of course, he didn't want to be impolite after all. Of course, it didn't help that the man was good looking and well built.

The stranger soon introduced himself as Julian and they exchanged small talk for a while, then the conversation turned a bit more heated. and intimate. Ian certainly hadn't gone to the bar looking to be picked up, or to take part in a one night stand kind of thing and to tell the truth, he was a bit wary. The man's surface thoughts were unreadable and it was impolite to pry. He almost walked away at that point. He should have walked away. But after a bit of conspiratorial whispering, Ian was persuaded. After all, he was off duty and what better way to relax.

So after signing for the food and drink and leaving a generous tip, Ian and Julian left together. The blond man suggested his place since it was just around the corner and up two levels and Ian had no objections. It only took about ten minutes to arrive. "Why don't I get us a couple of drinks, then we can adjourn to the bedroom, how does that sound?" Julian asked.

"Sounds like a plan, as you humans would say," came the reply.

Ian didn't particularly care for vodka, he'd tried it once when he first started at the Academy, had even had it a few times since then, but he had never acquired a taste for it, so when his host pulled out a bottle, poured some into a glass and started mixing in other ingredients, he looked on with a little bit of suspicion. But he didn't say anything that would have been impolite.

The man calling himself Julian handed him a glass. "This is called Sex On A Beach have you ever had it, the drink I mean. Really not any of my business about the other."

"I've never had the drink," Ian replied as he took the glass and took an experimental sip. "Tastes good," he commented. It took the two men a little under ten minutes to finish their drink. Five minutes after that, Ian had slumped down in the chair, unconscious.

Julian smiled, a decidedly less welcoming smile than he had used to charm the diplomatic officer. It had all been so easy. He turned to the Suliban man walking out of the bedroom. "He'll be out for a couple of hours," he reported, "plenty of time to smuggle him off the station."

"There's been a slight change of plans," the Suliban replied, "but that doesn't concern you. You've earned your reward. I believe we agreed on two bars of Latinum?"

"That's right," Julian replied excitedly,"two bars."

"I've got them right here for you," came the reply as the alien approached him. Instead of the gold that he had been expecting, however, a long, razor-sharp, slightly curved, knife was produced. It was the last thing he ever saw. The Suliban plunged the Akadian knife into the hapless man repeatedly. Then he placed it into the hands of the owner, who was still asleep, making sure to transfer some of Julian's blood onto the front of Ian's shirt.

Then, after a bit of concentration, he left the cabin, now looking like the man he'd left alive on the floor.

An hour later there was an explosion near one of the busiest shopping areas on the promenade. The destruction and the loss of life could have been much worse, but because it was so early in the morning casualties were kept to a minimum. Still, twenty-seven people would lose their lives.

The Suliban, still disguised as Ian took a different route back to Julian's cabin. He took out a hypo-spray and gave Ian a quick dose of a stimulant which would both wake him and delete any trace of the drugs currently in his system. The moved back to the bedroom. He once more concentrated and for all intents and purposes became part of the wall of the wall. He could stay like that for as long as he had to.

Ian awoke with a splitting headache, unable to recall where he was for a moment. He staggered to his feet and saw Julian laying on the floor in a pool of blood. Still slightly groggy, he moved towards the prone man still grasping the knife that had been placed in his hand. Just then, the doors to the room slid open and Ian saw ten heavily armored Security Officers enter "You," one of them shouted, "drop your weapon and get on your knees!"



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