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Fire and Ice

Posted on Wed Feb 21st, 2018 @ 7:58pm by Lieutenant Caroline Isley & Lieutenant Michaela Holland

Mission: Shore Leave: Drama At Arcadia
Location: Officers' Quarters, Deck 4

Michaela stepped out of the sonic shower and immediately threw her hair up in a messy bun, until she could figure out what to do with it. It was shore leave! She was very excited to visit the starbase, if only to get a few hours off of the ship. She was practically bouncing as she moved around her meager quarters and got dressed. Her favorite uniform dress was laid out on her bed. The skirt was a bit shorter than the rest, but not indecently so, and it had the right amount of shape and swirl for a fun evening out on the promenade. Technically wearing uniforms while off-duty and off-ship was frowned upon, but everyone did it anyway. Everyone in Starfleet wanted to show off and impress the civilians.

To be honest, the uniform also let potential friends and suitors know that she more than likely wouldn't be staying long, and it tended to keep the shady people at bay. It wasn't a bad looking club dress, either.

Michaela didn't throw on her best uniform right away though. She started to, donning a pair of black tights that were a bit more sheer than the ones she usually wore to work, but then she decided that she ought to form a plan before she got all dressed up. And she couldn't form a plan until she knew whether or not she'd be going solo. Michaela left the tights on, and then shrugged into a blue Starfleet Academy tee she'd 'borrowed' from an old roommate, and a pair of athletic shorts that were all but hidden by the oversized tee shirt. It was not a great look, but Michaela found that in trying to lure unfamiliar crewmates into a potentially fun social outing, it was best for her to start casual then fancy things up from there. And just about everyone on the Defiant was still unfamiliar to her at this point.

Leaving her quarters, Michaela moved the short distance to her neighbor's door, pointedly ignoring the strange looks passing crew gave her. She didn't look that odd, she considered as she hit the door chime. Tee shirt, shorts, bare stockinged feet... perfectly normal for a neighborly visit on the crew deck. Then she realized her hair was unbrushed and still thrown up in a dreadfully messy bun. There was such a thing as too casual. Michaela couldn't help but flash a nervous, fidgety smile as she waited for Caroline to answer the door.

Isley didn't usually look forward to breaks. She was reveling in her role as chief science officer and enjoyed the authority from being the head of a department. She also felt as though the Klingon situation had stymied her efforts to be a legitimate scientist. But this time was an exception. The blonde science officer simply needed a break. She was tired of cloaking devices, combat, Klingons, and everything in between. Even the prospect of bossing her staff around wasn't as appealing has it had been a few short weeks ago.

The Defiant was at a starbase. Many of her fellows had rushed to the base, simply looking for a change of scenery. Isley, who had been detached to a starbase not that long ago, didn't find it all that exciting of a prospect. Still, it was probably better than simply reading in her quarters. A department head's accommodations on a ship as big as Defiant were certainly impressive, but the blonde still felt just a bit hemmed in.

However, she wasn't sure what she would do on Arcadia. She was standing in front of her mirror, admiring how she looked in the blue minidress uniform that she favored (something she did far too often, if she was being honest) when suddenly her door chimed. Caroline wasn't expecting anyone, but there was always a chance it was the captain or a senior officer, so she quickly made sure her straight hair was in place and smoothed out her dress before moving to the door and opening it.

The science officer was a bit taken aback to see the chief engineer standing there, but still smiled and tried to look friendly.

"Heey... Lieutenant Isley." Michaela said with what had to be a noticeable pause, as she realized she probably didn't know the other woman well enough to call her Caroline. She tried to replace her nervous smile with one that was more winsome and trustworthy. "We're uh, neighbors." She said, pointing her finger next door. As if that mattered. She realized she wasn't as shy as she was making herself out to be. "Anyway, got a minute?"

"Hello, lieutenant," Isley replied. She smiled again and motioned Holland inside. "Sure, come on in."

Michaela smiled at the warm welcome, and moved inside, quickly making herself at home on Isley's couch. She couldn't help but take a peek as she crossed the room, she was curious about how her neighbor chose to decorate her space. Her own cabin was pretty bare. She hadn't had the time to really pack before being transferred to the Defiant, so most of her things were probably buried in some closet at her parents' new place, either that or lost in space.

"Sooo... are you doing anything for shore leave?" Michaela asked as she sat down, tucking her legs in beside her. Caroline's hair looked perfect, as always. She probably got out of bed with it looking just like that. "I heard Shar've is performing at one of the clubs, not sure which. I love her music, but... I'm not gonna go by myself." Michaela presented the most high-energy option first, though she really had no idea what Caroline liked to do with her free time, or if she was even busy. "That movie from Betazed also just came out. It looks really good. But... I heard it's kind of a date flick. So yeah." She shrugged. "Or we could just grab some take-out and find a place to observe the locals in their native habitat. Either way, I promise I won't go out with you looking like this." Michaela clearly seemed eager to do anything except spend shore leave stuck on the ship.

Caroline was a little taken aback at Holland's sociability. She hadn't really considered herself all that friendly with her fellow blonde. Still, the idea of going over to the starbase completely by herself had always been daunting, and the engineer was at least someone who was familiar. Isley ruminated on this as Holland went over a list of possibilities, only half listening. By the end of the pitch, she had made up her mind. Why not, she thought to herself.

With a smile that didn't quite carry all the way to her icy eyes, Caroline said, "I had planned to go over to the starbase, but I really didn't have anything in mind. I just wanted to get off the ship." She paused for a moment. "I'm not familiar with Shar've, but going to a club sounds maybe the most appealing."

Caroline looked the other officer over. "Oh, don't worry about what to wear," she said, unconvincingly. "I'm just going to wear my uniform, after all." She struck a small pose, which showed off how immaculately cut and pressed the minidress was.

"As you should." Michaela nodded in complete agreement. Isley did indeed look fabulous. Michaela wasn't so vain as to let color preference dictate her career choice, but sometimes she did wish she got to wear sciences blue. She did like wearing red, and she was proud to be an engineer, but sometimes she felt that blue would go better with heir hair and complexion. But then again, for all she knew maybe Isley secretly felt the same way about red.
Still, Michaela was not going to voice the thought. She didn't know Caroline nearly well enough to suggest they start sharing clothes, however much fun it would be to get to wear the blue just once.

Besides, there looked to be enough of a difference in height between them that the experiment probably wouldn't work out well for either of them. Michaela was too short, and Caroline would probably look downright scandalous in one of her dresses. She almost let out a giggle at the thought.

"Shar've is awesome." Michaela assured her. "She's an Orion composer, makes really catchy beats, and she's so easy to dance to. There may be a line, if we don't find out where she's at and get there quick." Michaela stood up, clearly excited as she got some dance in her step to an unknown beat. "I won't need long... I promise! Meet you back in thirty?" The estimate was probably optimistic, but at least she already knew what she was going to wear. The only real unknown variable was her hair, and what it would decide to do when she let it down to brush it.

Caroline stood up with Michaela and nodded. The engineer, as usual, seemed to leap from one thought to another at a speed that Isley found a bit dizzying. "Yes, that sounds good. I'm basically ready so we can go over whenever you are."

Isley walked Holland to the door and then turned back to her mirror to make sure that her hair and lipstick went perfectly together. She considered changing her nail color from the usual blue, but decided that looked fine with her uniform (which was why she usually picked the shade).

Back out in the corridor, Michaela continued continued to do her dance steps to a song that only she heard. In the time it took her to reach her adjacent quarters she'd received even more puzzling looks. She was too absorbed in her plans for the day that she didn't even notice. They were going to see Shar've! If Michaela hurried. Otherwise they would be standing in line.


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