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Some Refreshers in Self-Defense

Posted on Tue Oct 9th, 2018 @ 8:42am by Captain Charlotte Reynolds & Lieutenant Elias Lindholm

Mission: Season 2, Episode 2: The Assembly
Location: Armory, USS Defiant
Timeline: MD 23

Charlotte Reynolds slipped into the room as a squad of security officers exited. She'd been to the armory once or twice, but it was always an interesting room to be in. Security sensor readings of the ship were displayed on each of the walls, along with visual recordings of numerous key spaces. In the interior room, shelves of weapons and stacks of containers included the vast majority of the tactical equipment on the ship. Of course, there were several stashes throughout the vessel. But this series of rooms was where they were managed from.

It took a moment for her to identify the person she was looking for, one red shirt in a sea of red shirts. The man was among the taller officers, for sure.

She wove over toward the man, and announced her presence. "Lieutenant Lindholm, I apologize if I'm interrupting something. I was hoping to borrow a minute of your time."

Elias had just concluded his Tactical After Action briefing with his men. He was speaking with his Security Chief when he noticed the captain aproach. He came to attention and spoke, "Captain on deck." Chief Petty Officer Crocker, Defiant's Security Chief, also came to attention. After the captain spoke Elias nodded, "Of course ma'am."

He then faced Chief Crocker, "I'll give this report a once over and we can discuss it further in my office later." Chief Crocker nodded, then nodded to the Captain as he left. That left just Elias and the Captain alone in the main section of the Armory. The duty Armory officer was busy rechecking weapons that had been deposited.

Elias looked around and spoke softly to the Captain, "Captain, i would just like to say i take personal responsibility for what happened with Ensign Thiriv. I should've seen the signs that something was off when i came aboard." Elias truly felt responsibility and shame that one of his men had attacked the Captain.

It didn’t take much perception for Charlotte to pick up on the man’s emotional reaction.

“Lieutenant, it’s not your fault. None of us noticed. Some of the crew has been serving with him since Defiant left spacedock. You can’t blame yourself.” She meant every word of it. She’d been in the room with the man and looking at the reports of the parasites, and still she didn’t even notice the signs until a knife was coming at her. And she was convinced that knife had only come because she spotted the gill.

“However, I do want to try and be prepared next time. That’s actually why I’m done here,” Charlotte said. “I’m a pretty excellent shot with a phaser, but I had a phaser on me when Thiriv attacked and it barely was enough. I’d like to get some hand to hand training. It’s been a while and I was never that great at it in the first place...if you have time, of course.”

Elias nodded and placed his hands behind his back. "Of course Captain. I would also recommend the senior officers participate. I can teach you how to fight when disarmed, as well as close quarters phaser training. This can help to minimize the possibility of being disarmed in the first place," Elias said.

Elias then strode over to the wall and picked up a hand phaser. He removed the power cell and made sure the unit was powered down. He then walked back over to the captain. He wanted to give her a small practical demonstration. "If you will indulge me Captain," Elias said, then he pointed the phaser at her with one hand on the grip keeping it close. "Take the phaser from me," he said.

“Ok...” She replies a little skeptically. “What exactly are the rules here? I tend to fight a little dirty.”

“Well that’s good. When your fighting for your life you can’t fight fair.” Elias said. He extended his a little more to entice her to act. “I’m sure that I can handle....,” he started to say but was cut off mid sentence.

Not quite letting him finish, she lunged forward, she brought her arm down, striking his forearm and making a grab for the phaser. However, Lindholm’s grip was strong. She twisted, placing herself between him and what weapon, driving an elbow back toward his chest. If she could just dislodge his grip.

He absorbed the blow and stepped right to avoid her elbow in his chest. He then used his left arm and put her in a half Nelson while pulling his right hand down. The movement had her over extended and she released her grip on the phaser. He then brought the phaser up and held it close to her abdomen.

He took a breath before speaking, “Nice form, but it’s always better to face your assailant directly instead of showing your back.”

She let out a sigh. "I figured I'd have a bit more leverage that way. I apparently was wrong." Releasing any last posturing of aggression, she waited for him to release her arm before stepping away to face him. "I believe you proved my point though. I wouldn't mind a few sessions to help my style a bit. I've always leaned a bit at the 'throw everything at the wall and see what sticks' style of melee combat. Something a bit more disciplined might be better."

Elias nodded, "Of course captain, I specialize in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. I can teach you basic self defense from both." Elias took a moment to look her up and down, "Judging by both your size and your preference to fight with no holds barred, either one is suitable to your style."

"Martial arts might help me maximize my strengths, but its your call. I've always been partial to kicks," she said. Her kicks had been about the only thing that had been effective in her fight with Kaln.

Elias nodded. He walked over to the wall and replaced the phaser in its spot after reinserting the charge pack. He then picked up the PADD he has set down and brought up his schedule. “Of course captain. We can start immediately and I can schedule the senior officers as a class together,” he said. He then looked at her, “Unless you want this to be a strictly off-duty/ voluntary option?”

"A general lesson for senior staff might not be a bad idea," Charlotte said. Her mind wandered to the threat the parasites could posse. She'd barely survived her encounter. She didn't want any of her officers in a similar situation. "Let's make it a senior officer group class. The more on our toes each of us is, the safer the group is."

Elias nodded and typed a few buttons on his PADD, "I couldn't agree more Captain. I'll set up a schedule for the senior staff and send it your way for approval." He then placed the PADD behind his back and looked at the captain, "As for you, ma'am, first lesson is at 0530 tomorrow."

She supressed a grimace, barely. "A bit on the early side, don't you think? I'm sure we could push it a bit later."

Elias smiled slightly, "Captain, while you may be in charge of this ship, since this is an off-duty request I'm afraid i cant budge on this. You cant always count on the enemy to wait until your rested, so during these training sessions, I'm the captain now."

"I can't argue with that," Charlotte conceded. "Very well. Then I will see you at 0530, Captain." She couldn't help but smile as she sent a sarcastic squint his way.

Elias smiled back at the captain, "Looking forward to it ma'am." He watched as she exited the armory and went back to his PADD. He decided to retire to his quarters early so he could develop a training regime for both the captain and senior officers. The developments in Tholian space were alittle unsettling though. He couldn't help but wonder if his training would really compare to facing one of those ... creatures. Elias pushed the though out of his mind as he walked purposefully down the passageway to his quarters.


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