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"Act casual"

Posted on Tue Dec 11th, 2018 @ 3:27pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds & Lieutenant Commander Kenna Wolff & Lieutenant Commander Summer Gallagher

Mission: Episode 3: Foxes and Henhouses
Location: USS Artemis, Undisclosed Chamber
Timeline: MD2, Morning

Kenna had, after discussion with Summer Gallagher, finished prep to move crew to the Artemis. Now, dressed in casual clothes of jeans and a black turtleneck with black ankle boots, she carried a slim briefcase in one hand and walked down the corridor towards the Captain she had been looking for.

"Captain" She said a bright smile on her face. It was so un-Kenna like that she knew it would throw the captain.

Throw her off it did. Charlotte turned to face her slightly alarmed. “Kenna, is everything alright?” After a moments pause and a failed attempt to come up with a clever way to ask, she let out her land reply. “You don’t have a...’sore throat’ do you?”

"well," Kenna said brightly. "I remember you saying there were great shops on the station and thought you and I could do some shopping before that event later. I need new earrings, and I have to return these books I borrowed to Summer on the Artemis as it is on the way." Casually, yet with an exuberance that Charlotte had never seen from her normally stoic Strat Ops Officer, Kenna linked her arm through Charlotte's. "And I know you were saying you needed new shoes" Kenna prayed Charlotte played along.

Charlotte might not be a talented spook, but she could recognize a lead she needed to follow. “Well you and I both know I can’t wear that pair from last time again.” She allowed herself to be guided by Kenna. Books she had borrowed from Summer? That felt like a hint. Did the Artemis XO need to tell her something?

"Indeed, akin to social suicide," Came Kenna's blithe response. They walked down the hall to the hatch of the Artemis, and Kenna, of all people, fluttered her eyelashes at the security officers and got Summer Gallagher to be called and soon they were standing just inside the hatch awaiting Summer.

Charlotte felt like her eyes were about to pop out as she watched her generally reserved officer behaving so loudly. Under her breathe she whispered at her. “Seriously, Kenna. Are you ok?” A quick visual check confirmed no parasite, but still...

"Perfectly Captain." Came the calm and measured tone normal for Kenna.

She looked up the hall at the sound of boots on deck platting. Summer Gallagher came around the corner. Summer stopped and waved them both towards her.

Kenna, her arm still through Charlotte's headed there, all but dragging Charlotte with her.

"Summer!" She bubbled.

Summer just smiled and said "Kenna, Captain, so nice to see you both. Please come this way. I have those books to exchange Kenna."

“Perfect!” Charlotte said, matching the tone a bit less convincingly. “Kenna has been talking about them nonstop. You know how hard it is to find a good book out here.” She followed their lead into Artemis. Something was up.

Summer led them into a cabin, which was obviously not occupied normally.

Once they were inside Kenna let go of Charlotte's arm and placed the briefcase on the table.

"We are secure here" Summer said. "I made sure of it."

Kenna smiled faintly in response. "Good. I have the copies of the transporter patterns."

“The transporter patterns...” Charlotte said, struggling to keep up. “I’m sorry, girls, but you’ve lost me. What is going on?”

"We need a way to get the Defiant's clean crew to the Artemis" Summer explained. "We are going to use the saved patterns to locate and beam in your crew from save rooms on the station."

Kenna had returned to her normal self and let Summer do the talking.

"The rooms will be set up with scanners in them so Kenna and her team can bring in clean crew and segregate the infected. We can also use those rooms to beam in any uninfected personnel from the Station." Summer continued.

“I see,” Charlotte said, feeling as if she’d just mentally sprinted to catch up. “Brilliant idea once again. It’ll let us stay a step ahead of this. But we’ll need to be careful. We can’t let the Adniral see us working too closely or we’ll compromise Artemis.”

Summer nodded and held out another briefcase. "Your books Kenna"

Kenna took it carefully. She opened the briefcase "Ah.. good choices. Not sure the Admiral would understand Stephanie Laurens but it fits the role of ditz"

Summer grinned at that. "As well as the image the Admiral has of me. One with only getting into her CO's bed as a goal."

"Much to her foolishness" Came Kenna's reply. She looked at Charlotte. "The link is between Summer and myself. No other link will be seen."

“I see,” Charlotte said, watching the two women. They were good at what they did. Charlotte has heard some of the rumors about Sumner, but she knew better than to underestimate her. Both Captain James and her record more than spoke for themselves. And she’d gotten to know them a little. Ambition and lust weren’t the explanation for the connection between Sumner and Chris. They seemed an excellent team ins lot of ways. If the Admiral was viewing Summer as an simple opportunist, she would be in for a rude awakening. Summer was easily one of the most formidable people she’d ever met. “You two certainly seem to have this figured out. What do you need me to do?”

"Just to continue what you are already doing." Kenna replied. "This was just a way of getting you up to date on the events we have planned."

“Understood,” Charlotte said, making a bit of everything. The two women were very clever to put this situation together. “You should both know the conference starts tonight. I know I’m going, and I imagine Captain James is going. But it might be a good chance for you to get things set up here or on Arcadia while everyone’s attention is at the Diplomatic Hall.

Summer nodded "I will be there."

Kenna however shook her head. "I won't be. I will be working on getting our people who are clean to safety." She gave a slight smile. "And I want to make sure of it myself."

"It sounds like we have a plan then," Charlotte said. "Summer, I get the feeling you don't need my help for this, but our Tactical Chief has rigged up these small cases to sneak hand phasers past security. It might be a good idea to have one on hand. I can provide you one if needed."

"If you can send through the specs, we can duplicate it." Summer replied with a smile. "Would assist greatly."

"I'll have them provided momentarily," she said, issuing a command to Lt. Lindholm via her pad. "Ok. It should be along soon. And Summer, I guess I'll see you at the opening tonight."


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