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Breaking the Ice

Posted on Mon Jun 17th, 2019 @ 11:29am by Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir & Lieutenant Elias Lindholm

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Ships Lounge
Timeline: MD 2 1900 hrs

K'Muss was looking at a padd, a small smile forming at his face as he looked at family pictures as he sipped on his facorite drink, Andorian ale. He'd been hooked ever since he nipped some from his parents years ago. He just couldn't shake it. So he kept drinking it as a warm smile continued to form as he sat, lost in the images.

Thyra walked in to the lounge and saw K'Muss sitting with an Andorian ale and a padd. She got herself one as well and walked over to the caitian. She stopped next to him. "Is this seat taken?"

"Its a free federation. Go right ahead." the Caitian said.

Thyra dropped down next to the furry humanoid.

He showed her the picture. "Forget the obvious difference." He laughed. "But just looking at a picture of Mom and Dad"

Elias sat in his usual spot and sipped his drink. The Andorian Ale he kept was a vintage brew that he always brought with him to every posting. His uncle who lived on Andoria always sent a fresh supply whenever Elias could get a message to him. He read his Wyoming Mystery novel, but causually listened to the conversation around him.

Thyra took the picture and looked to the Andorians. Her antennae dropped down as her lips curled in to a smile. "Aww you were adopted by Andorians. Andorians are the best family to have, don't you agree?"

"Most certainly," Elias said. He then stood and made his way over to the table. "Sorry, i couldnt help but overhear your question. May i join you," Elias asked as he waited for an invitation

"Well, Thyra started, "As my furry friend told me earlier, it's a free federation. Sit where you want."

"The more the merrier." K'Muss said. "Oh an I agree. They were the best to me an my brother."

Thyra handed back the picture to K'Muss. "Thank you, for sharing this with me."

Elias nodded as he listened to the conversation. "A Caitian on Andoria. I imagine it was easier for you to adjust to the cold," Elias said.

As a silence had fallen, Thyra broke it again, "So, Lieutenant, you seem to know a lot about Andoria, have you been there yourself?" She asked curious.

K'Muss was then called away for an emergency message from starfleet head quarters. Thyra nodded to him as he left and then turned to Elias again.

Elias took another sip of his drink and nodded. "I have. I was sent to live there with my uncle when i was younger. I was quite a wild child in my youth, and with my father out in the Fleet, my mother sent me to live with her brother. She felt the ice of Andoria would teach me more discipline than the Scandinavian winters." he said. He took a moment to think and a smile came to his face, "And she was right."

Thyra chuckled. "I haven't found anything quite the same as the colds of Andoria. I have only been on Earth once. It is a warm place. But I haven't been to all places on Earth. I must visit... Scandinavia?" She asked questioning as she was unsure how the place was called.

Elias nodded and took another sip of his ale. He used his PADD to pull up some images of Sweden and Norway and passed it to Thyra, "Scandinavia is a region that is in northern Europe on Earth. According to ancient Earth history it was the birthplace of the Viking culture. It encompasses the countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. I was born in Stockholm, one of Sweden's major cities."

Thyra took the PADD from him and looked at the images. "Wow, beautiful, Scandinavia looks a lot like Andoria, we have a lot more ice though. You should take me there when we have Shore leave on Earth." She leaved through the images and smiled. "Oh maybe you could give me a little taste in the holodeck." She was really enthusiastic to learn more about Scandinavia.

Elias nodded and took the PADD from her, "I would be more than happy to show you sometime." He smiled as he took another sip of his ale, "Where on Andoria do you hail from?"

"I was born in the Thalasa-Vei Province," Thyra replied. "A small town, but it is, what you humans call cosy." She smiled. "Have you been there, as you said you spend some time on Andoria? The Shraaqir clan is a very welcoming clan. Have been for generations. If you like, we could visit my family some day."

Elias nodded and smile, "I never got to visit that province. I would be grateful for a visit. I'm also a fan of small rural areas, and being on Andoria is a plus."

"That is settled then," She got up. "Well, if you could excuse me, Lieutenant. I have a report to make." She nodded. "It is unfortunate K'Muss couldn't stay with us, I bet he had a lot of stories to tell about his time on Andoria." She stared of in the distance a moment. "Maybe another time. Thank you for the company, Lieutenant."

Elias nodded with her, "Indeed, and any time Ensign. Feel free to let me know if you'd like to share a bottle of Andorian ale sometime." He finished his glass and stood from the table, "If you'll excuse me i believe its time for me to head to my quarters."

She watched him leave, before she went her own way.


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