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Admiring the Defiant

Posted on Thu May 30th, 2019 @ 8:47pm by Captain Charlotte Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Natalie Cross

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Starbase 1, Overlooking USS Defiant
Timeline: Late Shore Leave

Pleased with being able to spend couple of minutes with her adopted mom, Natalie made her way over to the observation lounge. Even though there was still a couple of days before she would report to the ship officially, she wanted to see it. Many had mentioned that this vessel would exceed all of her expectations. She smiled at the thought. It wouldn't be hard to do, as the only other vessel she had served on was the Lynx and that was a survey vessel. Doors to the lift opened as it had reached its destination. As Natalie stepped off the lift, she was presented with a sight of the USS Defiant parked right outside of the observation windows. She smiled, almost childlike as she eyes drifted from one side to the other taking in the sight of the ship was going to be on. The others were right. This exceeded all of her expectations. Wandering across the observation lounge up to the window, she dropped her bag next to her looking over the Defiant in awe.

Captain Reynolds had been sitting a short distance away, at one of the small work stations, when she saw the woman enter. Natalie's face stuck out in the crowd, a consequence of Charlotte reading over her personnel file fairly recently. She smiled internally as she watched Natalie cross and gaze out lovingly at the vessel. She couldn't disagree with the look of wonder. Even after having commanded the vessel for some time, she still felt the same sense of awe. That's why she'd chosen to work in this lounge after all. But the awe was now laced with affection for the vessel.

Approaching subtly, she moved to stand parallel to Natalie, a few feet away. Looking out at her vessel, she spoke without turning to face the other woman. "Quite the looker, isn't she?"

"Indeed, she is." Natalie replied. She looked upon the ship for a couple of more seconds. There was excitement in her. Her first love was engineering. Something that her father passed onto her and if fate hadn't intervened she would have ended up being an engineer in Starfleet but instead she found herself in the black uniform of Starfleet Intelligence. A decision she had question in the past. She broke her gaze from the ship turning her head to look in the direction of the woman that had decided to stand next to her. As soon as she caught glimpse of the woman's blonde hair she knew who it was that was standing next to her. She recognized her from the files she had reviewed previously. "Captain Reynolds." Natalie stated now fully turning to face her new Captain. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Natalie Cross." She introduced herself extending her hand in direction of the Captain.

Charlotte took Natalie's hand as she turned to face her. "Pleasure to meet you, Natalie. I recognized you. Hope you didn't mind me coming over and interrupting your gazing."

Natalie shook her hand ever so gently. "Of course not, Captain. I hadn't expect to meet any of the crew yet so this is a rather pleasant surprise."

Charlotte nodded. “Most of us are still scattered on shore leave. We should be back soon enough though.” She notes the woman’s black uniform again. “So intelligence, huh? We’ve got a pretty impressive intelligence suite aboard ship, but if you need anything before we depart, I’d get the requisitions in. Could be a while before we’re somewhere so we’ll equipped.”

"Thank you for the offer Captain. I'm sure that the Defiant has all the necessary equipment needed to complete the job but if i should find anything else that I might need I won't hesitate to ask." Natalie replied looking in the direction of the vessel. She sure was impressive. Her attention shifted back to her new Captain. "If you don't mind me asking ma'am, how come you are sitting in here?"

"Waiting actually," Charlotte said. "I have a meeting with Admiral Denovitz in a little while regarding some of our recent mission reports. So while I'm waiting, I decided to go review some reports somewhere with a view."

Natalie nodded. "Makes sense. I hadn't expected to run into anyone from the crew least of all yourself ma'am but since I have I will take this opportunity to ask. Is there anything I need to know before coming aboard?"

Charlotte let out an amused whistle. "Where do I even begin? Giant space monsters, a parasite invasion of a Starfleet station, probably some sort of time travel shenanigans? Yeah, we've had quite a bit of action. I'll make sure you get the files. But there's not too much you need to know for now. We have a briefing with the Admiral tomorrow. That should fill you in on what you really need to know. Only other thing you need to know is whether you prefer the stars out your window moving left to right or right to left."

Natalie cracked a smile at the Captain's reply. "Shame I miss all those shenanigans. They sound quiet adventurous." As the Captain informed her of the meeting with the Admiral she became glad she had arrived a little earlier to the starbase. "And left to right." She didn't have a huge preference. On her last ship she had no window at all so this would be a welcome change.

"Left to right. I'll make sure the quartermaster gets word," Charlotte said, making a mental note. "By the way, I was looking over your file. It looks like you have an impressive amount of analyst work. That'll be nice, since we won't have direct access to additional Intelligence support. Out of curiosity, have you done much field work?"

"Some ma'am." She replied. A small smirk creeping on her face. There were certain missions that during her time at Camp Powell were not present in her official record. She was listed as a Senior Analyst but she did participate in field operations. "A great part of my career has providing support to various field operations both in the field and from afar."

"That should prove pretty useful aboard Defiant," the Captain replied. "We're a bit of both. We have some intel officers aboard, and a large amount of data resources. But I don't doubt that you'll need to get your feet in the dirt every once in a while."

She was pleased to here the Captain say that. She had been hopeful that her duties would allow her to step away from the console and at least get some dust on her boots. She smiled. "Glad to hear that, Captain. I promise to do my best at whatever the task is."

"That's all I ask," Charlotte said with a smile. "Sorry to duck out on you, but I need to get some preliminary planning done. Catch you tomorrow?"

"It's been a pleasure to meet you, Captain. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow." Natalie said with a soft smile.


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