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Posted on Mon May 27th, 2019 @ 7:42am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay & Lieutenant JG Natalie Cross

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: USS Defiant - Sickbay

[USS Defiant - Sickbay]

Natalie stepped inside Sickbay. Dressed in her black Starfleet uniform. She held onto a data disk and looked around for Dr. Morgan Lindsey. She needed a medical checkup before she could take her duty post. "Hello." She called out casually taking several steps into sickbay. She knew that a lot of the was on shore leave but hoped that someone, if not Dr. Lindsey was available.

Morgan heard someone call out, which surprised him as it had been a deadly dull morning. He was so surprised that he started and his head collided with the bottom of his desk top and he swore. Glaring, Morgan saw the stylus he'd dropped and collected it. Climbing to his feet, he rubbed his head. Straightening his lab coat, Morgan walked out of his office.

Seeing the young woman standing just inside the doors to sick bay, he deduced that she must have been the one verbalizing her arrival. "Hello. I'm Dr. Lindsay. Since we are very obviously not busy, I'd be delighted to help you."

"I'm sorry if I'm interrupting you, Doctor. I can come back." Natalie motioned towards the exit. She wasn't clear on if he had been sarcastically joking or if he seemed irritated that she was disturbing whatever he was doing.

"No interruption, Lieutenant. With all but station-keeping crew members aboard, for the most part, we are fairly short of patients today," smiling he made a grand gesture towards the examination area." How can I help you, he re-itterated.

"I am here to check in. Newly aboard." She explained making her way over to the examination area. "My name is Natalie Cross, the new Chief Intelligence Officer." She introduced herself

"And, as you have deduced, I am Dr. Morgan Lindsay," Morgan smiled. "So a general check up then. Any complaints, old injuries flaring up, concerns. Strange alien fungi becoming a growing concern?" As she entered the bio-readout's range he glanced over the readings and accessed her personal medical information, reading through the summary."

"Unfortunately too many to count, Doctor." Natalie replied. Her record would indicate as much. During the time in captivity she suffered number of broken bones and various minor to severe injuries that over time have healed on the surface but once on a great while she'd get the ache and pains. She offered a small smile looking in the direction of the doctor. "Nothing that is currently or has bothered in some time."

Morgan let Natalie's medical chronology scroll for a beat and caught her facial changes. "At least nothing that you haven't gotten used to. It's funny what we can get used to." After a few moments, he nodded. "Well the computer says you're healthy enough, stepping close he stared into her eyes. "They say the eyes are windows to the soul, and I've found they can tell me how a patient is feeling."

Stepping back, he asked "Your physical injuries have healed fairly well, though I am impressed with the scar tissue and general wear and tear. How about the damage the computer isn't so good on. Are you sleeping alright? Anxiety problems, anything like that. We have a top notch counselor aboard if need be."

She shook her head gently. "No issues." She replied.

Morgan consulted a terminal than turned to her. "Well then, based on these readings and the baseline formed by your last physical, I can officially clear you for duty. Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Patting down the pockets of his lab coat, Morgan came out with a lolly and offered it to her with a smile, "This month's is marshmallow-pistachio. Quite good, actually."

Natalie looked over at the lolly he was handing her. She smiled at the doctor and the idea of the lolly. She took it. "Thank you doctor for the lolly and taking the time to see me." She said heading for the door.

"Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Come see us anytime," Morgan waived, then turned back to reset the exam area equipment.


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