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Sickbay blues

Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2019 @ 9:21pm by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD 5 0930

Morgan was arm deep in a bio-bed's guts when Nurse Pinknie's voice finally worked it's way through to the base level he was functioning at. The thraggling thing had been giving off malfunctions for a week and engineering was too occupied with running the ship and chasing down...what was the terminology he'd gotten.? "~Oh yeah, system critical glitches rated as more important to the ships function, Sorry Doctor. We'll get to it.!"

At Heather's voice, Morgan looked at her and the rest of the words finally soaked through, "Doctor, you have a patient in the exam area. An Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir." Frowning, Morgan made a decision. Grabbing a wiring harness, he gave a sharp yank pulling it free and stripping the both connective ends from each other. Pushing himself to his feet, he handed the strand mass to Nurse Pinknie who took it gingerly. Behind Lindsay, the bio-bed made a wheezing noise and all of the lights went out.

"There, place a work order with engineering and tell them the thing has now been triaged by me and it's DOA," dusting off his uniform he caught her eye and asked, "Yes?"

The patient, Doctor," she reminded.

"Which patient, Nurse Pinknie," he asked, his eyes sweeping Sick Bay.

"Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqi, Doctor" She's waiting in the exam area," Pinknie said, sounding frustrated.

"She is?" Morgan asked. "What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know Doctor, she said she's due an exam," Heather said, now slightly irritated as she gestured toward the exam area, holding the strand mass.

"Alright, Nurse. I wish you'd mentioned that first. If she's an engineer she'll likely be having a stroke by now," he said reprovingly, emphasizing his point with the harness mass.

"Doctor, she's head of Communications," Heather informed him, as he tossed the mass onto the bio-bed itself.

"Right then, to work," Morgan said, nodding. Walking through the sickbay, he entered the exam area, reactivated the privacy screens and stepped over to the wash basin. "Good afternoon, Ensign. I'm Doctor Lindsay. What can we do for you?"

"Hello, Doctor," Thyra said in her always bubbly voice. "It is so nice to meet you. I love meeting new people. So I am here for my physical. I think mine was ages ago. And I wanted to see what all the fuzz was about.and I must say you are quite a looker for a human." A bright grin formed on her face. "So how do you want to do this? I found that every Doctor as their own way." She laughed and said, " Oh her I go again. Just talking and talking. Right...I stop now. Oh one more thing. Could you check on my arm? One of those goons broke it and the other doctor patched it up but it still feels a bit sore. "

Smiling, Morgan gestured her onto the exam area and slid into a chair. "Well thank you for the compliment, Ensign," he activated the sensors and let them run as he pulled up her file and then looked her over. "Well, many beings say don't see a Doctor until the pain is too bad or something falls off. I'm glad we're not at that stage yet. Glancing at the readings, and then at Thyra. "Just how much caffeine do you consume in a twenty four hour span?"

"Caffeine?" Thyra asked raising an eyebrow. "Doctor, I only drink juices, tea and fruit cocktails on special occasions. And of course the indulgence of Andorian ale now and then. But I don't drink any coffee. Never have. What do you like to drink, doctor?"

"Pretty much anything in a glass or mug. That depends on the occasion," Morgan replied with a straight face. Moving to Thyra, he took the indicated arm and began working it through a range of motion, watching her face. "I was just wondering as you seemed slightly hyper and I wasn't sure if was natural or chemically induced. Since the scan didn't pick up any un-orthodox chemicals, I thought you might have found something interesting. Does any of this hurt?" he asked as he manipulated her arm.

"I see, doctor," she replied, "Yes, I can be a bit more enthausiaaa...." As the doctor manipulated her arm she cried out. "That hurt," she said. she sobbed a bit.

"Hmmm," Morgan let Thyra compose herself as he looked at the bio-readouts and washed his hands again, "Well, there's your problem. The break was set, but there's also damage around the joint and the break itself is not fully healed. It should have been immobilized before they let you out of sickbay, especially if you were going to use it heavily."

Meeting the Ensign's eyes, he said"I'm sorry that hurt, Thyra. But now I know what the sensors couldn't tell me. How much it was bothering you and at what range of motion discomfort set in." Sitting down at at the desk, he called out. "Nurse Pinknie?

"Yes Doctor?" Pinknie said, walking over.

"Please treat the Ensign Sh'shraaqir's arm and elbow with the Stubat's field generator while I prepare a Thyrastedalone injection."

Pinknie gently lifted Thyra's arm in her's and began running a semi-circular projector mounted to a handle over the arm, from wrist to elbow slowly, the purple light playing over the skin. Five minutes later, Pinknie nodded to Morgan and packed the gear away while Morgan stepped to Thyra and plied a hypo-spray to her neck."

"Alright Ensign," Morgan smiled. The worst is mostly over. Come back once a week for the next two weeks and Nurse Pinknie or someone will treat you again with the Stubat's generator to stimulate the bone healing process. The Thyrasedalone I treated you with will encourage the damage to the bone and elbow to knit and promote bone health overall. Likewise, I've sent a meal plan to you, encouraging bone health."

Smiling, he sat back down, "Additionally, I sent you an exercise regime for the arm to help with rehabilitation. Do you have any questions?"

Thyra shook her head. "No, Doctor, sounds pretty straight forward to me. But, I can still do my job right?" She looked questioning to him.

Nodding, Morgan patted his lab coat down and finally fished a lolly from a pocket. "Oh yes. You are totally fine to remain on duty. Fit the treatments into your schedule as you can and you should see full recovery in just a few weeks. It's slow, but it'll be worth it." Glancing at the lolly, he held it out "This is chocolate malted. You always get a treat for seeing the doctor," he smiled.

Thyra took the lolly. "That is so sweet doctor. Both the candy and the gesture. Thank you!" She pointed it at the Doctor. I might come more often then." She grinned as she jumped off the bed and give him a peck on the cheek. "Here is something sweet from me." She giggled nervous when she realized what she had done. "Right, I think I'll be heading back to my duties." She rushed to the door where she stopped a moment. "Till next time, doctor?"

"Very well, Ensign," Morgan smiled after her. "Thank you very much for the sweet. I may not wash it for several days. Please do come again."


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