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Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2019 @ 9:21pm by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay & Chief Warrant Officer Abigail Larson

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 5 1400

Abigail entered sickbay to get her boarding physical.
She entered sickbay and looked around.

Heather turned from reviewing a chart and walked toward the newcomer.

"Yes? I'm Nurse Pinknie. What can I do for you?"

Abbey smiled at her. "I'm Abigail Larson. I'm here for my physical."

The Defiant's head nurse lead her to an exam area and had the engineer sit in the sensor hot spot while she pulled up the Ensign's records and checked the feeds. "Just let me get Dr. Lindsay," Heather said and walked from the area.

A minute later, Morgan walked, smiled at Abigail and then turned his eyes to the feeds. "Well, another new face. Hello Ensign, just signing aboard I see. Any complaints, injuries, concerns, or anything I should be aware of?"

Abbey looked at the man. "None to all that, sir. Getting my physical as per regs, , sir."

"Just Doctor, is fine Ms. Larson. "Morgan told her,"And everything looks to be in order. Your bio-readouts look fine and your personnel file has uploaded and it hasn't been overly long since your last regular checkup. We'll schedule something for six months or so." Smiling then, he said "All I have left to say is welcome aboard. I'd ask how you're finding the Pioneer, but since you're on board, you found us."

"Thank you, doctor. And I'm finding the ship very interesting. I guess my next stop is to report to security. Any thoughts about the security chief, doctor?" Abbey asked.

Morgan smiled, "Not right off hand, Abbey, if I can call you that. The only comments I could make would be as a medical professional and that kind of thing I can't talk about. Other than that, the Security Chief and I haven't gotten to know one another. But you'll do fine. Unless you're carrying baggage you think will not be welcome?"

Abbey looked shocked. "Of course not, doctor! I play by the rules. I have to go check in with them after here. Wanted to know if you knew what kind of person he was."

"I'm sorry that I can't help you there, but your physically fit enough to perform your assigned duties. The rest tends to take care of itself," Morgan commented as he patted down his lab coat and emerged with a lolly. "Looks like this one is straight chocolate malted," he said after glancing at it. Handing it to her, he said, "And that's about it for the check up, unless you have anything you'd like to talk about?"

She took the lollipop. "No, doctor, I guess that's it." She stood up. "Guess I'm just taking care of all the little things I have to do before getting to work. Thanks." She headed towards the door.

"Very well, Warrant Officer, "Morgan called after her. "Welcome aboard and please come see us if you need us.


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