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Breaking makes better

Posted on Mon Jul 22nd, 2019 @ 8:25am by Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay & Lieutenant JG Connor Burton

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD 008

Heather stuck her head into Morgan's office and said, "Doctor. There's an engineer, Chief Burton if I remember correctly, here looking at the Bio bed you..removed.. from service. He doesn't look overly happy about it.

Grunting, Morgan stood and walked toward the doorway, stepping back as Heather moved out of the way. "Well, that only took about a week," the Doctor stated. "Good thing we didn't need it."

Looking across the bay, he saw a brown haired human standing, staring at the bio-bed and walked toward him. "Hello Lieutenant. Come to breath some life back into that piece of equipment."

"Sure, let's go with that." Connor said, tutting and adding with a small laugh "What happened to this thing? I want every detail, in your words, so I can then complain to you correctly."

"Well to begin with, it would give false reads and then just shut down and try to power up repeatedly." Morgan related. "Then I decided to take a look and the best I could come up with was that it had too many parts, so I removed one." Picking up the harness mass he'd removed, he showed it to Connor. "Best I could come up with was this. Then it didn't power up at all, so I may have gotten the wrong thing."

"Can I see that?" Connor asked "I've got a hunch."

Morgan handed the mass, which looked disturbingly like a vertebrae, over to the engineer. "Have at it."

"You're lucky this didn't blow up in your face." Connor said as he studied the component, pointing to a groove on it "This is an EPS manifold. The power for that thing moves through it. You pull it while the device is powered up, you risk blowing out the grid for the entire sickbay. Guessing you've seen second degree burns?"

"I have," Morgan said thoughtfully. "Good thing it would have happened in sickbay. Even powered down, we could have treated it." Catching the Engineer's look, Morgan did his best to look sheepish. "Alright, alright. I'll leave the engineering to Engineering from now on, Lieutenant Burton is it? I'm Morgan Lindsay, by the by."

"Connor." The Engineer replied, holding out his free hand "Nice to meet you, Doc. I'll even offer you a counter pledge; I won't try and patch anyone up in Engineering. I'd probably do more harm than good anyway."

"Now now, sometimes you just can't wait if someone is bleeding out, Connor," Morgan smiled. "However I will pledge to not try my hand at Engineering again unless lives depend upon them. Though, from what I hear of the Defiant, that can occur more frequently than you might think. She seems a ship that gets into interesting adventures."

"She's a Constitution class." Connor grinned "Interesting is what she's designed for."

Morgan looked at the engineer and smirked, "Maybe she was, but was she built for a crew that goes past interesting for the really interesting things. But, considering that, I supposed I didn't help things. I am sorry I broke a little bit of the ship."

"Forget about it." Connor shrugged before tossing the component to the Doctor with a smirk "Here, souvenir. It's useless now anyway, so you might as well keep it. Call it a reminder not to go pulling things apart without a tech manual."

Morgan considered the harness and grinned, "We'll mount it someplace and have patients wondering what's going on." Thank you again, Connor. I'll let you get to your work now and return to mine. And I owe you a drink sometime."

"Mine's a Jack and coke." Connor quipped "Nice to meet you, Doc."

Morgan turned back and walked into his office, waving his hand over his shoulder in a sort of farewell wave with the harness as his mind moved on to the next thing.


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