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The Follow up blues

Posted on Sat Jul 13th, 2019 @ 1:16pm by Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir & Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: The lounge
Timeline: MD10 1900

Thyra walked in to the lounge and got herself a fruity cocktail. She sat down on the couch and put the glass on the table and took the clips, that held her hair up, out of her hair. Her hair fell loose over her shoulders. She put the clips on the table and brushed her hands through her hair. She took up the glass and leaned back. She sighed as she looked to the drink. After a long shift this was a great relief for her.

Morgan wandered into the lounge, stopping by the bar weighing his options. Finally, he opted for a dry martini, stirred with a twist and looked around the lounge. Spotting the Defiant's Comm officer, he debated a few moments then pushed himself away from the bar and made his way over. "Well Ensign, I didn't order that bit of medication, butI most likely would have prescribed something along those lines. You look like you need it today. Would you welcome some company?"

Thyra wasn't expecting anyone, so she almost jumped, and almost spilling her drink. "Oh, Doctor. I didn't see you there." Quickly she put a smile on her face. She made a gesture, by moving her hand next to her. "Please, doctor, the more the merrier." She then put the glass to her lips as she turned away a bit, hoping to hide her flustered cheeks. Somehow the doctor was able to make her speechless. Cause she had no idea what to say now. And having him sit next to her wasn't helping her case. She smiled shy at him before taking another sip.

Morgan settled onto the couch near the Andorian and settled, "More? Well, I supposed we could put a sign and try to attract a crowd." Taking a sip of his martini, he smiled, "Though to be honest, I am not overly interested in a crowd just now. It was a busy day in Sick Bay, however I will bow to your wishes in all things this day. My brain is feeling a bit frazzled." Taking another sip from his glass, he leaned forward and set it on the table. "I'd rather hear about your day though than hear myself prattle on."

Here antennae spread a little as she laughed nervously. "Oh well, you know....I am on the bridge... pushing buttons. Talking to people." She brushed her hair behind her ears. "And despite...despite what people may think, a communications officer's work is just as exhausting as any other officer's work." She took another sip. "I really don't know what to tell you here." She smiled again nervous."

"I don't doubt it," Morgan replied to her as he settled a bit, squirming to lean into the corner of the couch and drawing up one knee so he could face Thyra. "Honestly, dealing with beings can be exhausting." He winked at her and smiled, "Don't tell anyone I said that. People depend upon me to put them at ease and it's vital to building trust. It's rather interesting how many people on Defiant alone do not trust the medical staff." He bent, retrieving his glass then and took another sip, and took the toothpick of olives and pulled one off with his lips, chewing briefly. "You have the unenviable task of translating and bending technology to your will to get the job done."

He grinned then, "Tell me why you chose Communications as a specialty."

"Ehm..." Thyra was thinking of what she would say here. "I am a people's person." She finally said. "I am the oldest sister of 5 other siblings. That is very big for Andorians. She smiled. We have a big family. We also got all the Andorian genders in our family. I am used to chatter around. I was afraid I would loose that once I joined starfleet. Being alone in my quarters and just doing my thing. And I could have gone many ways. Engineering, security, and believe it or not, I could even done medical if I put myself to it." She looked at the coffee table. It helped to focus on something else than what was happening inside her. "And since I like the chatter, I decided on communications. I can do operations. I would be able to assist commander Maralen if the need was there. But...being able to talk to someone that you haven't met yet, is really excited, and when you finally get the screen to work and seeing that face..." She turned to him, realizing he was looking at her. "...seeing that face for the first time and you introduce yourself." She then fell quiet.

"And everything can change and become new again, depending on your conversations before, " Morgan told Thyra, "Back on Earth in the later 20th and early 21st century a lot of personnel communication reverted to text based as technology became more wide spread but lagged behind in video, so actual face to face communication lagged. Then it continued as systems were miniaturized, the trend continued and people decided to hang their lives on social media. Some people lost or never developed up close and personal skills of communicating." He stopped then to take a sip of his drink, then met her eyes with a smile. "Hard to believe they got away from looking each other's eyes and wondering at the mysteries that lay behind them, isn't it."

Thyra blinked. "That's an interesting unknown fact about your planet," She said as she turned to face him. She followed his lead and put her leg on the couch as well. "Maybe you could tell some more, you made me curious." She leaned closer to him and her antennae moved in his direction as well.

Momentarily distracted by Thyra's scent as she moved closer, Morgan considered then said, "Actually I was born in Taggart's Colony, on the planet Epiphany. There are many things about Epiphany, but I think the thing I miss most is waking and hearing the Shimirick tree at dawn. When the Tefarian gas beetle chews the leaves they leave them holed and in the cold mornings they leaves freeze just enough to solidify them. When the wind blows, they sound almost like a wood flute. One morning I think I lay in my tent for nearly an hour listening to a veritable symphony as the wind changed and gusted through the various passes and valleys." Chuckling, he took another sip from his glass, then said "It made my own playing seem like a tray of dishes hit the floor."

Then he said, "But enough of my prattling. Tell me something of Andor. I've never studied it very much."

"You mean Andoria," She said, laughing nervously, "Andor is a gas giant. We can't live on there. We live on the moon called Andoria. A very cold place, but it is our home. There is a lot of ice. We've always lived under the surface. It's quite nice. Would you like to come visit it sometimes?" She asked.

Winking, Morgan said "I'd absolutely like to see Andorra, though I'm guessing I'd need a really good sleeping bag or you'd have to chip me loose in the mornings."

Thyra laughed again nervous when he winked at her. She moved a bit closer to him and then said, "I am sure you would do fine under the surface. It's much warmer there." She put her hand on his hand. She felt somewhat more secured. "When it comes to it, you may have to warm me up." She grinned.

"Well," Morgan said smiling into her eyes, "That does sound promising. Is there a customary method to such warming up or do I have to make it up as I go along?" Morgan turned his hand slightly under hers and ended up with her fingers laced through his as his shoulder rubbed into hers.

Feeling his shoulder touch hers her antennae moved sideways as she breathed out, 'Heh..." She looked to his fingers laced through hers. She was frozen a moment and then said, "I think you can make it up as you go along." She licked her suddenly dry lips and then continued, "B-but I think you wouldn't have any problems with that."

Morgan looked Thyra's face over for a moment, then took a brief drink from his chilled martini. Then he leaned close and blew a cool breath softly across her ear and asked, "In the pursuit of good doctoring, I've always wondered if an Andorian ear was as sensitive as a humans when it came to something like that?"

Thyra shivered a little as he breathed across her ear and she closed her eyes and then replied, "Using that cold breath, worked most definitely." She opened her eyes again. "At least you knew how to do that." She turned a bit. "Maybe you can warm me up. Can I cool you down?" She as she smiled, her bright white teeth appeared.

Grinning nearer to her face he held up the martini glass and gestured with his chin and said, "Now you see. It's about preparation. This glass is designed to keep the drink chill while you enjoy it." Holding it up so that the stemmed glass with the upended conical shape. "However, once you cup the curved part, things warm up much faster. So I have an idea of how to warm you up, do you have any ideas of how to cool me down." His voice grew lower as he whispered near her ear, "Because, I do believe I'm heating up myself."

She just had to close her eyes and said, "You are human, I don't believe I should cool you down, once you warmed up." She put her hand on his glass and pushed it on the table. "I have heard somewhere, once a human gets warmed up, anything can happen. Since you are the doctor, you should be able to tell me is that is true." She could feel him real close to her. She turned to face him again.

"I do think it's only fair," he said to her, "As he let the glass transfer to the table, he slid their linked hands back and then her arm behind her, releasing the palm to pull her close and he kissed her, as his free hand came to rest on her knee.

She felt her muscles soften, as every move he made, had her move along with him. And when her lips met her lips she answered his kiss putting her hand on his. She just let it happen.

Their lips parted and he grinned looking into her eyes again, "Well Thyra, that was very nice. Now we can continue to share a drink and see where things go after we cool down here or," he slid his hand, with her's resting on top, slightly up her knee to touch the hem of her uniform. "Or, we can adjourn and discuss human anatomy. Specifically, what's referred to a vascular response to stimuli"

As he moved up she slightly moved up. "Ehm...You do make me curious now though, but should we really, considering you're a..." She stopped a moment and thought about that. "So you're place, ok?" As she didn't saw herself walk in with the doctor to her quarters.

"My place is perfect," Morgan said, standing carefully and pulling her to her feet with him, his fingers entwining with hers again. "As they headed toward the exit, he leaned close as they moved between tables. "You were asking....your words were, Considering I'm a what?"

She looked around and then whispered, "What I was trying to say was, considering you are a doctor, would it be prudent for us to be going out?" She leaned against him. "But you know, I talk too much, ignore that. I said something like that once, it completely ruined the mood. I think I will just continue enjoying what we got started here." She smiled to him.

Morgan was thoughtful for a few paces then leaned close when they were in the lift. "Well," he half whispered, even though they were alone, "I think it's something we should explore further. There's no use worrying about what might happen." He kissed her again, then leaning into her and as the lift slowed, he broke the kiss and grinned. "Medically speaking, I think we're fairly safe. Since humans run warm and Andorians run cool...I understand it makes things. Last longer?"

"I think we owe it to science to find out, don't you" he winked at her, leading her off the lift toward his quarters.

"You are so right," She said. "We do owe it to science to try it." She grinned as she was still leaning against. She could feel his warm body against him. "i just hope I am not to cool." She laughed at that remark.

"Well lucky for you I am a man of science, "Morgan said sly as they paused before the doorway to his quarters. "I just recalled a formula that is known to warm one species and cool another. If all else fails, science will win the day." He kissed her again and then led Thyra into his quarters.

Thyra let herself be lead in. She chuckled at his joke. She looked around. "I love what you done with the place." She turned around to him. "So listen, my room mate doesn't want me in very late, she might call security." She giggled and put her arms around him and kissed him on the nose. "Lets do this she said smiling."


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