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For the Long Haul

Posted on Thu Aug 8th, 2019 @ 11:43am by Captain Charlotte Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Connor Burton

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: En Royte

The doors to Engineering revealed a calmer scene than Captain Reynolds was used to seeing down here. The weeks without major incident meant that other kinds of work could get done than usual business allowed. However, she knew Chief Engineer Burton had his fair share plans for the vessel. She wanted to check in with him to see how his preparations were going, and to see what work they could do to keep Defiant running smoothly while they were outside of Federation territory. She took a moment to look over the device that powered their vessel, always a bit amazed such a device existed.

Connor stood at one of the consoles beside the access chamber to the warp core, running system diagnostics. It wasn't anything vital but those kinds of things required safety checks, make sure the matter anti matter intermix was as it should be.

He finished his checks and turned around, seeing the Captain stood there looking at the core.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" He called over with a grin before walking over "What brings you to my neck of the wood, Cap?"

“She really is,” the captain replied with a nod. “I suppose I headed down to check in on a few things. It’d probably be a good idea for me to know the readiness of my ship.”

"Like I told you before, she's not the Enterprise." He teased "That said, she's also one of the ones in better shape. The guys and girls around here have done a good job. I'm impressed."

"Considering some of the things we've been through, we needed to keep her in good shape. Defiant's gotten us out of quite a few scrapes. I think the Engineering crew has just been returning the favor," Charlotte said, giving a nearby panel an affectionate pat. "But I'm sure she could use a little more TLC. We'll be at high warp for a while, and then out of the supply chain after that. Got any particular issues we need to address?"

"Pizza would be good." He quipped in response "I like pepperoni."

"I wasn't aware carbohydrates could power the warp engines," she joked back. "But pizza is a fairly easy lift. Anything in a more engineering focused direction? Or do you think we're set for our little voyage."

"You make sure we've got plenty of spare parts and we'll be fine." He said "The only thing we seem to have any issue with is warp plasma manifolds. Issue with this class is her plasma exhaust burns hotter than most other classes, which means she burns through manifolds quicker."

"I'll make sure we have a few more on hand before we head out. Trying to synthesize or replace one of those on the go sounds like a nightmare," Charlotte replied. "And if you think of anything else, you'll know where to find me. I know I work my engineers pretty hard sometimes, so I try to pamper them during the downtime."

"If you really want to pamper us, some beer and soda to go with the pizza would go a long way." He joked "A fruit basket from time to time would be nice too."

"Consider it done. Let's call it an apology in advance," the captain replied with a laugh. "On that note, I think I'll leave you to it. Carry on the good work, Lieutenant."

"Yes ma'am." Connor grinned "Have a good day now."


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