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Morale Issues

Posted on Fri Jul 19th, 2019 @ 11:48am by Captain Charlotte Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Morgan Lindsay

Mission: Episode 1: A Lesson in Humility
Location: Officer's mess
Timeline: En Route

Morgan walked into the officer’s mess and made his way to the queue, grabbing a tray and perused the available foods and finally chose a club sandwich and a salad heavy on vegetables.

And water. A lot of water.

For a very specific reason, he was dehydrated today.

And tired.

Neither of which were a bad thing. To go along with that, he looked like he’d been drug through a knothole, which was a minor problem. He’d heard some snickers and comments that he had pointedly ignored.

As big as she was, Defiant was a small ship. He wasn’t surprised that gossip was starting to churn around the fact that he and Thyra had left the lounge together.

And he was living (mostly) evidence. He hadn’t seen Thyra yet today, but more than likely she was as lovely as ever while he looked like he something the cat had dragged around for a couple of days, then pooped out.

Looking around he saw the Captain dining off to one side, seemingly intent on a PADD and he decided to interrupt her.

Stopping near her table, Morgan grinned. “Mind if I join you, Captain? You know you should avoid work while eating. It’s bad for the digestion. Eating is more than fueling, it should be a social occasion to help with stress relief.”

“Sound advice as ever, Doctor. I should have you speak to Starfleet Command. Might actually get some of these reports off my plate. No pun intended,” Charlotte said with a slight laugh, setting the padd back on the try with her meal and gesturing for him to sit. Finally seeing him, she gave him a once over and decided to tease a little. “You feeling alright, Doctor? You look a little...” She trailed off, not really sure how to end the sentence.

Morgan paused at her words and his face colored slightly. "More than just a little, if I had to quantify it. And a gentleman shouldn't kiss and tell, Captain.” He started mixing his salad around and saw her question in his eyes and he sighed. "But it's your ship. You'll likely hear that Ensign Sh'shraaqir and I are seeing each other."

“I appreciate you telling me. Though I will admit I’d already heard. No one told me, but a few junior officers might have been gossiping when they didn’t realize I was nearby,” Charlotte said with a mischievous smile. “Good for you, though. At least you’ve given people something to talk. I think the crew could use something like that.”

Morgan blinked at that and looked at Reynolds quizzically, "Captain, are you suggesting my love life become a story board? Sell tickets? You flatter me but I don't think Thyra would appreciate it..."

"I was only poking some fun," Charlotte chuckled, giving the doctor a reassuring look. "But that actually does give me a bit of an idea. You know those old animated features you were talking about?"

"Ahh, switching from my first favorite thing in the universe to my third favorite, I do indeed Captain. What was your thought?," Morgan asked as he took a forkful of salad and speared a tomato as well.

Confirmation on his first favorite, Charlotte thought to herself with an internal chuckle. "I was thinking we could maybe combine your interest, with a similar one of mine. I've found the old motion pictures entertaining since I was a child. I still have a few on file aboard Defiant. Maybe we could throw together some sort of movie night for the crew. Give them a little festivity to distract from the monotony of several weeks at high warp."

Morgan finished his mouthful, took a drink to make sure there wasn't any greens stuck in his teeth, then said. "Sounds like a fine idea, Captain. I think the crew could definitely use an activity like that. We could each chose something, get some snacks set up and show it en-mass on the rec deck." Then he grinned at he, "So we know this type of thing is MY third favorite thing. Where's it rank for you?"

Charlotte pursed her lips in thought for a second. "Maybe like sixth for me? I don't have my list as readily prepared as you. But I agree, I think this would be a good idea. So...what's our next step."

Spearing more greens, Morgan considered for a moment. "Where is fairly obvious. Snacks and such shouldn't be too hard, we provided popcorn and a beverage bar with water, bug juice and the like, with everything else being Bring Your Own Snacks. I think picking which media files to play would be the challenge. Unless you have a title in mind already?" Morgan put the forkful of greens in his mouth, then rotated his hand to catch the drip of dressing on his knuckles before it fell to his uniform. He quickly gathered his napkin and cleaned both hand and face, grinning at the Captain. "Go ahead and say it, Ma'am. I should wear a bib."

"You said it, not me," Charlotte replied with a laugh. "And I don't immediately have a title in mind. I was struggling a little with the theme and mood I should be going for."

"Depends on your read of the crew," Morgan stated. "Comedy is tough. Some things just don't transfer. Situational drama type things might work. A love story is a love story is a love story...but." He shrugged, then he grinned. "I did see a viewing of an old movie called The Princess Bride Once. It was pretty amusing."

A smile spread across the woman's face. "I have heard of it indeed. I don't think it'd be too much effort to get a copy the file. You want to stick one of your 'cartoons' in front of it?"

Morgan sat tapped his lips with one finger, thinking distractedly for a moment then enthused. "Oh, yes Captain. I think Wackiki Wabbat would do nicely."

“Excellent,” Charlotte said with a smile, not quite sure what the words are that he’d just said. “I’ll start making the arrangements.”


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