Mystery of the USS Shelley

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USS Shelley
Below is the official USS Defiant Record of all information on the USS Shelley:

    1.)The USS Shelley was exploring a region of the Volan Expanse when it began to be followed by some sort of creature.
    2.)The stars disappeared in that region of space.
    3.)The vessel was followed by a massive creature, which either infected the ship biologically or psychologically.
    4.)Members of the crew became violent and crazed, ultimately killing the rest of the crew.
    5.)The ship disappeared upon failing to find the Igalla System. It is unclear if this failure was due to technological failure or some other reason.
    6.)A few weeks ago, the white entity, dubbed "The Specter", sent a message indicating that it was aware of the coordinates of Earth.

That is the established timeline. However, there are other events which cannot be placed on the timeline as of yet.
    1.)The Vulcan, Vimir, flees the USS Shelley aboard a shuttlepod. The timing of this is unclear.
    2.)The Hydran Empire encountered the USS Shelley. Presumably this is before the attack.
Link to USS Defiant ship records regarding the USS Shelley's transmission: Mission Post: The Transmission Update: The USS Shelley was pulled into a pocket universe by the Volan Expanse Entity. The vessel remained in relatively good shape, despite its battle with the Entity. In 2263, the USS Defiant was also pulled into the pocket universe. The crew there retrieved the logs of the old vessel. During a confrontation with the Entity, the Shelley was sacrificed to allow Defiant to escape. It was destroyed by overloading its warp core and torpedoes, badly injuring the Entity in the process. Update: Following numerous reports, Starfleet Long Range Telemetry spotted what appeared to be the USS Shelley, headed into uncharted space. Given that the vessel was visibly confirmed destroyed via warp core breach, this appearance is highly anomalous and requires further investigation. Due to the circumstances of Shelley's destruction, it is theorized that its reappearance is related to the Volan Entity.

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