The Entity

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Starfleet Intelligence
Below is the official record of all information known about the Volan Expanse Entity:

    Entity Abilities:
    1. Capable of using either telepathic or biological means to drive crew insane.
    2. Capable of moving at warp speeds.
    3. Resistant to ship weapons fire, but can be susceptible to torpedoes under unknown conditions.
    4. Accompanied by "the Spector."
    5. Capable of pulling objects and regions of space into a pocket universe.
    Specter Abilities:
    1. Definitely Intelligent
    2. Seems to be capable of boarding vessels and planets when the entity attacks.
    Species Aware of the Entity
    1. The Hydran Kingdom
    2. Refer to it as "Ash'lahn".
    3. Unnamed Ancient Inhabitants of Eta Dosi III.
    4. Had images of some creature which may be the entity on temple walls.
    5. The Romulan Star Empire
    6. A very old Romulan work lamp was discovered in the ruins on Eta Dosi III. It is unclear if they know anything beyond the image that appears on the ruins.
    Confirmed Sightings:
    1. Eta Dosi III (Ancient Past)
    2. USS Shelley, near Igalla System (Nearly a Century Ago)
    3. USS Shelley, Unknown Location (2263)
    4. Lena V Colony (2263)
    5. A string of destroyed vessels encountered by USS Defiant (2263)
    Update: In 2263, the USS Defiant engaged the Volan Expanse Entity and its Spectors. Several discoveries were made during this incident.
    1. The Entity is capable of pulling entire regions of space into a pocket universe to deal with them later. This ability allows it to even absorb planets, as it did with Lena V. These pocket universes are still tethered to the rest of the universe. A well timed, powerful sub space charge can briefly create passage back to real space.
    2. The Spectors are created by infecting hosts with a specific fungal/viral strain. The strain kills the host and mutates the corpse into a Spector. These vary based on species. Only human and Hydran Spectors have been observed.
    3. The Entity controls corpses telepathically. However, it also controls a weaker strain of the Spector pathogen, which can kill and control hosts. Spectors are capable of controlling living beings.
    4. The Entity can be injured by specific frequency antimatter explosions. Phasers on the modified frequency have little effect. The USS Shelley’s warp core overload destroyed an entire limb, badly wounding the Entity. Defiant’s jump to warp while being held maimed a second limb. The frequency that harms the Entity can also be utilized on personnel phasers to great effect against the corpses. Success against the Spectors is more limited.
    5. Despite its wounds, the Entity is assumed to have survived the encounter. Update: Following numerous reports, Starfleet Long Range Telemetry spotted what appeared to be the USS Shelley, headed into uncharted space. It is unclear if this is related to the Entity, but given the relationship between the creature and the Shelley, and the fact that the Shelley was previously confirmed destroyed, it is unlikely there is another explanation.

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