Unknown Starfleet Research & Development Project

Created by Captain Christopher James on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 4:07pm

Starfleet Research and Development
Below is all information gathered on the Unknown Starfleet Research & Development Project:

  1. Project is of unusual size and expense.
  2. Project is classified to a much higher degree than most R&D projects. Admiralty Board will not respond to requests for more information.
There are several individuals who have been working to uncover some information on this project:
  1. Earth Ambassador Dannecker
  2. Denobulan Ambassador Ephrix
  3. Vulcan Ambassador Sarek
  4. Captain J.T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise
  5. Captain D.M. Flinn of the USS Potemkin
  6. Captain K. Garretson of the USS Eagle
  7. Commander C.A. James of the USS Defiant
The story has also been picked up by several media sources:
  1. The Alpha Tribune
  2. Federation News Service
  3. Solar News Network

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