The Murder of Drenh Ambassador Droom

Created by Captain Christopher James on Wed Feb 15th, 2017 @ 3:59pm

Starfleet Intelligence

Link to relevant USS Defiant ship logs on the Diplomatic Situation: Mission Post: Game Night Interrupted

Drenh Ambassador was slain aboard the USS Defiant, on the evening on which the Diplomatic Reception was being held. There are numerous strange circumstances which precipitated this event. Below is a listing of the major clues in the investigation.

  • UPDATE: The murder weapon was identified as a long, vary narrow blade, stabbed through the Drenh's back.
  • Both Tellarite Ambassador Gurrav and Klingon Ambassador Varg were overheard mentioning eliminating the Drenh Ambassador. Varg said Droom wasn't taking a firm enough stance. Gurrav said Droom was bending to the Klingons too easily.
    • UPDATE: Ambassador Gurrav and a member of the Klingon Delegation were seen on security footage standing over the body of the deceased. However, it was not clear if they were involved in the death as they had no murder weapon on them.
  • A heated argument between Tellarite Ambassador Gurrav and Chief Engineer Lieutenant Bradley Hayes
  • Klingon Delegation was involved in a fistfight with numerous attendees. Various injuries reported.
    • UPDATE: This is believed to be the source of Commander James's injury. The injury is in line with a Klingon bladed weapon, and not with the murder weapon.
  • Starfleet Officer was seen leaping to their death from one of the highest levels of saucer plaza.
  • Commander Christopher James and Ambassador Droom were seen having a very heated argument near where ambassador's body was found. Commander James had numerous injuries that indicate he was in a scuffle of some sort.
  • Commander James, based on video footage, was already in the Engineering section by the time of the Ambassador's murder. He does not appear to have been involved in the murder.
  • There have been numerous reports of "missing time", where a large portion of Diplomatic Reception guests cannot recall the events of the evening.
    • There is current speculation regarding the potential causes of this memory loss. The main theories are: chemical agent (gaseous), chemical agent (liquid, in food or drinks), psychic attack.
Current suspects:
  • Tellarite Ambassador Gurrav
    • Ambassador Gurrav and his staff were also killed
  • Klingon Ambassador, Colonel Varg
    • Colonel Varg believes the killer is a long-missing Romulan assassin, believed to be genetically enhanced
  • Lenaran Ambassador Liarg
  • Commander Christopher James, USS Defiant
The Killer was identified as Vimir, the Vulcan elder rescued from Eta Dosi III by the Defiant. He was identified as a genetically enhanced Romulan operative (name unknown), who was responsible for numerous high profile assassinations of Klingon's on Qo'nos. While on Qo'nos, he went by Toth, Son of Mogeth. Vimir was killed after attempting to kill the Starfleet Crew who attempted to arrest him. This file has been closed, barring any further discoveries. Investigation Status: CLOSED.

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