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Lieutenant Commander Bradley Hayes

Name Bradley Eugene Hayes

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 175
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Bradley grew up quicker than most of his peers. Early on he was taller than most but evened out at a slightly above average 5'10". He is slightly more rounded than most men his age and height. He tends to train problem solving skills and dexterity first, strength last. His hair color was bright blonde as a child but has slightly darkened with age. His complexion is fair. His slightly rounded face would be more friendly if he smiled more, but is often ask why he is so mad all the time. This tends to be because he is deep in thought even while walking around leisurely. The only keepsake he allows himself is a very warn rooke chess piece around his neck. Warn because of endless fondling while meditating or when he is nervous.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Diplomatic Attache Eugene Hayes, assignment at colony near Tholian space
Mother Cara Hayes, with husband
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family A distant cousin in Starfleet working as a crewman aboard a space freighter near the Orion border.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bradley classifies himself as a loner, but close friends would not agree and consider him a faithful, loyal friend. He is driven by an impulsive need for order in his life and around him. This generally is manifested in good traits: punctual, orderly and industrious. His father is not impressed at his Starfleet career and often mentions his disappointment. While this used to bother him, he has come to enjoy the torture it gives his father who had expected him to find a career in government. Because of his father's displeasure, Bradley has a large mistrust of governmental authority, especially where it concerns contracts and treaties. Entities such as Starfleet are more palatable because they are filled with men and women driven by higher causes and they solve practical problems for the good of others.
Bradley is exacting and critical of changes or any imperfections in the hardware and design of the ship. He is often the first to sense harmonic inconsistencies in a warp engine even from his quarters. Most working under him consider him to be a workaholic and intense but also takes time to train others and help them in their careers.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly skilled diplomat and negotiator only because he knows how they work and easily discovers their motives
+ Excellent vision and hearing allow him to see imperfections in bulkheads or equipment
+ Excels at space combat but only in a higher strategic sense
+ Can find enemy weaknesses by observation
- Not good at melee combat
- Excellent marksman especially at long range

+- Tries to take a noble stand even when it puts him at odd with others
+- Tends to have low self-esteem and is not often the first to speak, but observes the mistakes of others
+- Engineering experience with all forms of ship, personal equipment and weaponry
Ambitions Bradley has no dreams of his own command unless it would be aboard a large space station or colony. Naturally this could change. Being the chief engineer of an exploration vessel is very satisfying for now. In the distant future teaching courses in Engineering at Starfleet would also be acceptable.
Hobbies & Interests Art that has a realistic impression is most interesting to Bradley. He collects ancient children's toys that were meant to teach engineering. His prized possession is a scanner meant to measure the weight of precious metals a person is carrying.

Personal History Bradley Eugene Hayes was born on August 5th, 2234 on an unnamed planet near the Tholian border at a clinic for non-Tholians to the diplomatic attaché for the Federation ambassador to the Tholians. The position of Ambassador to the Tholians was often laughable because the relationship was so strained since the two government's first encounter. Many other races had successful relationships with the Tholians and Starfleet was committed to a successful and peaceful relationship as well. Even the recognized Ambassador to the Tholians could not live near them due to their policy (not to mention their hostile living environment). Because of this, the unnamed planet was often used for negotiations and trade meetings.

Other races respected the Federations presence and did their best to speak highly of them when dealing with the Tholians. This allowed for the strained relationship to continue.

Bradley grew up on the planet near this diplomatic, trading and negotiation atmosphere. He encountered many unique races, not to mention the Tholians themselves. The environmental conditions were so hostile it took a team of specialized engineers to keep the planetary buildings, the colony and a small spaceport operational. Bradley treasured the occasional visits off-world to the space station. In 2244, at the age of 10, Bradley found himself being mentored by the chief engineer in charge of the planetary environs. This friendship grew into Bradley's love for science as it was practically applied in Engineering.

Proximity to diplomats and trade negotiators led to Bradley's mistrust of the universal altruistic notion often touted by spacefaring races. 'Everyone looks out for themselves and theirs' was his favorite expression from a book he had read.

A singular event that shaped Bradley's view of the world happened when he was 12. An Orion criminal organization was attempting to corner the market on Tholian trade goods. The ploy was thwarted by the small Federation presence who had detected the small arms hidden aboard an Orion trade vessel. As the criminals escaped, they managed to capture the son of a diplomatic attaché in an attempt to use him as leverage for escape. This was Bradley. He only spent a few hours with Orion mercenaries but was treated roughly, like the rotten spoils of a bad deal. Eventually he was returned under mysterious circumstances that remain classified by the Federation.

That singular event aged Bradley from a 12-year-old gazing longingly at the stars to a 20-year-old who hated injustice of any sort. Starfleet ideals appealed to him. He was quickly noticed for his engineering skills and fast-tracked easily to graduation.

After a few brief stints aboard mining vessels, keeping their heating and cooling systems operational, he applied for reassignment. A beloved professor had coincidentally at the same time asked his superiors on the assignment Bradley had been given and recommended an exploration vessel assignment at the next opportunity.

The assignment of Chief Engineer for the Defiant and the request for reassignment arrived in adjacent electronic notes on a Starfleet desk. The rest, as they say, is history.
Service Record 2254 - 2260: Starfleet Academy graduate with scholastic honors
2260 - 2261: Ensign, Mining Vessel #2314
2261: Lieutenant junior grade, Freight Hauler #2162, The Mystic
2262: Promotion to Lieutenant
2263: Promotion to Lieutenant commander, request for reassignment