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Lieutenant Caroline Isley

Name Caroline Isley

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Caroline is a relatively tall, slim, but shapely human female in her late 20s. She wears her straight blonde hair down and is always particular about keeping her uniform need and appearing at her best. She can be somewhat vain about her appearance and is used to getting attention because of it.


Father Marcus Isley, Cmmdr., Starfleet (Retired)
Mother Marianne Isley, Lt. Cmmdr., Starfleet (Retired)
Sister(s) Charlotte Isley, Starfleet Cadet

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caroline Isley is a very driven young woman who was strongly encouraged to join Starfleet by her parents, both retired officers. She found herself drawn to the sciences at a young age and decided to meld her parents' wishes for her to join the service with her own desire to understand the great mysteries of the galaxy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Isley is intelligent and ambitious, which makes her an excellent study and quick to adapt to many different situations. However, her ambition can also make her condescending, aloof, and somewhat difficult to deal with. In team situations, she tends to shy away from being the leader, but is always quick to disavow mistakes, which plagued her during her academy stint. However, her vast scientific knowledge and her ability to be charming when required has helped her make up for those weaknesses.
Ambitions Isley wants to excel in Starfleet and be a renowned scientist. At the moment, her focus is on becoming chief science officer on a starship, but she has entertained thoughts of eventually becoming an executive officer or even a captain if she thought she had a chance to earn higher rank.
Hobbies & Interests Caroline loves astrophysics and xenobiology, two things that are sometimes difficult to meld. When not on duty, she enjoys the gym, reading English novels from pre-Federation Earth, and playing the piano.

Personal History Caroline Isley was born on a starship and spent the first years of her life moving around various postings with her parents. Her father was a navigator by trade and ultimately rose to the position of second officer. Her mother was a communications officer who retired before her husband to focus on raising Caroline and her younger sister Charlotte.

When her parents were lucky enough to have the same posting (which wasn't all that often), the Isleys tried to maintain a normal family atmosphere, but more often than not, only one parents was around. Mrs. Isley tried to rectify this by retiring, but her husband refused to give up starship service, and the family remained mostly divided.

This upbringing did not dampen Caroline's susceptibility to her parents' desire for her to join Starfleeet and she did ultimately end up attending the Academy, where she excelled in the Sciences and most academic coursework. However, her abilities were below average on other portions of the curriculum, including personal defense and team building exercises.

After two stints at a Starbase as a science officer, Caroline is hoping to find a posting on her first starship.