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Lieutenant Surovec

Name Surovec

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tellarite
Age April 06, 2235

Physical Appearance

Height 72"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description She isn't a average Tellarite female. Smooth face. Tall, Well built. She always wears an smile upon her face. Surovec keeps her hair short, like using colorful words. Always looking for a good laugh, argument, and helping like all Tellarite do.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Einar
Mother Yasmine
Brother(s) 2
Sister(s) 2
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Surovec is a little aggressive towards everyone, which is due to Tellarites culture. Generally Surovec is a friendly person. She also knows to go with her gut feeling. Something she had to learn the hard way. Surovec is a mature woman and a seasoned veteran of Starfleet. Despite empathizing with her friends, she often suggests alternate, less confrontational solutions to problems and will occasionally outright refuse to participate when it violates her principles. She also learning colorful statements from several members of the Defiant.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Being herself, voice of reason, mature, suggest other avenues to choose from, Goes with her gut feeling. Looking for an a good laugh, argument, various types of engines

Weakness: Depression, once started hard to stop drinking, avoids talking about what happen near the Romulan Neutral zone.
Ambitions Going that extra mile to solve complex issues, to help people in need and to help them as best she can with kind words (Tellarite kind words aren't normally human kind words) or an ear, and to help those that can't help themselves.
Hobbies & Interests Motor bike riding, combustion engines and the wondrous majesty that is the Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction System. Collecting antiques tools, automobiles, and weapons Formulating new methods towards Engineering, listening to metal type music

Personal History Born in an Tellarite community on Earth. Surovec grow up in the mountains, fjords, and the snow cover plains of Norway. Surovec grew up like any other Tellarite child. Competitive and Engineering savvy. Surovec, at an early age, wanted to join Starfleet. But, she had to go through the paces of growing up. Skin knees, elbows, and just being a girl. When she became an teenager, Surovec, had discovered the fascination of the mechanical profession. From the inner workings of combustion engines to faster then light warp engines of all types. Thanks in part to her father and his engine repair business in Norway. Surovec was set on track to becoming an Engineer.

Upon graduation of local school system, Surovec, was soon off to the United States of America. Upon her arrival to the Golden State of California. Surovec walked from the transporter station of San Francisco to the recruitment building of Starfleet Headquarters. For the next several years, the young Tellarite woman, went through the paces of Starfleet Academy education. She learned what it took to be an office within the Fleet, life on a starship. During those years, Surovec, discovered that she rather enjoy the Operations department. She’d noticed, that it worked along side Engineering, but helped the other fields out as well.

Upon finishing and graduating the Academy, the newly pinned Ensign, was assigned to the Kelvin class USS Ingenuity NCC-763, as an operation officer. She was excited to venture out into the cosmos, but chaos was fast approaching the Ingenuity. One year, two months, and fifteen days out on the USS Ingenuity’s five year voyage, the Kelvin class starship was contacted by Deep Space Four, an Federation Outpost near the Romulan boarder. The station was being attacked by an unknown vessel. The station, along with several other Outpost near the Romulan/Federation Neutral Zone were attacked and lost.

When the Ingenuity arrived at DS 4, the station, along with all hands were lost. The Ingenuity, had contacted Starfleet command. Order to patrol the system and wait for other vessels to arrive. An hour after contacting Starfleet command, the Ingenuity, was attacked by the unknown vessel. Narrowly avoiding the destruction, the USS Ingenuity, had managed to limp her way to an near by Nebula and wait until re-enforcement arrived. The attack on the USS Ingenuity, killed all the senior staff as well several others personnel. Leaving Surovec, who was the highest ranking officer of the Ingenuity left to command of the broken starship. She was in command for three point five zero hours, until the Ingenuity lost all power, due to leak of coolant into space and the core went critical.

The remaining crew of the USS Ingenuity, managed to escape in shuttle crafts and pods, before the Ingenuity exploded with in the Nebula. It was later discovered that Unknown vessel that attack the Deep Space Stations and the USS Ingenuity, was an rouge Romulan Commander with an new warbird. Days later, the young Tellarite, was glad to be back on Earth. She was looking forward to be reassign to an starship as an Operation officer or Chief of Operations of a starship. She was ticked pink to discovered that she didn't have to wait long for her reassignment. She was assigned to the USS Defiant, as her new Chief of Operations.

Far before the lost of the Ingenuity, Surovec, meet a fellow Tellarite, Gurrav. An Ambassador of Tellar. The two become friends and soon become lovers. She keep her relationship with the Ambassador, an secret from the Ingenuity captain and the rest of the crew. When Gurrav departed, she did her best to keep in contact with Gurrav, just to remain as friends, but always taught of him. When they meet again, they were about to pick up were they've left off, before he was murdered by an Romulan spy. She now, lights a candle for him on his birthday in honoring him and their love that had for each other.

Service Record Service Record
~Norway School System
~Starfleet Academy

Service Record:
Starfleet Academy

USS Ingenuity NCC-763: Kelvin Class
Operation officer

USS Defiant NCC-1764: Constitution Class
Chief Operation Officer
Promoted to Lt Jg
Promoted to Lt