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Lieutenant 'Iron Kitty' Ang

Name 'Iron Kitty' Ang

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 16 March 2223

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 143lbs
Hair Color Mane: Dark Brown; Fur coloring Lite Brown with pattern spots/strips. White fur around mouth, hands, feet
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Strong and tough as nails. Cheerful. Slim cait. Tall woman. Generally a positive attitude towards all things. Thick Dark Brown mane with smooth silky coloring Fur coloring Lite Brown with pattern spots/strips. White fur around mouth, hands. her eyes which excellent night vision are a soft shade of green. Caitians scents of smell is far better then most, if not all humanoids. Has a rod of Tisourine medicine ( to keep their hair from falling out and causing an allergic reaction in humans who are also allergic to cats) placed under her skin (Replace ever five years). Words that are spoke that have a purr type of phrasing, tends to come out as a Purr.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Colonel Loxi (Exec. of Desert Training Area: Former USAF Luke Airbase)
Mother Shiviar
Brother(s) 1
Sister(s) B'rur
Other Family Various family members of the E'Tilla clan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally, Ang, enjoys talking about anything. Enjoys the outdoor and sports. Keeps her focus as best she can when a problems arise. Good nature and spirit. Always has something nice to say towards anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: All out woman, her Police training, Calm & cool while under pressure. Loves to tell old jokes, when the moment is right. A well rounded woman, ready to help those in need.

Weaknesses: Alcohol, Pain killers and red dots that move quickly.
Ambitions Providing the best and useful security to all, both friend and foe alike.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Outdoor sports, Music; Trumpet. Design and making her own Ironman and Stormtrooper armor. Watching classic TV and Movies

Interests: Playing the roleplaying game Dungeon and Dragons. Checking up on new sci fi and Comic related topics or talking about movies. Discovered an new interest in maintaining old engines and weapons.

Personal History As a young cait, Ang, grew up in the surrounding towns of Phoenix, Arizona. Her father, Colonel Loxi, was second in commander of Desert Training Area, which was an Former USAF, Luke Airbase. Ang, adored the culture of the desert cities and the humans that called the surrounding area home. When she became a teenager, Ang, discovered the fascination of law enforcement form watching films and programs offered by the school system of Avondale Arizona and watching shows like Perry Mason and COPS.

At seventeen, Ang, graduated from La Joya High school. She soon enrolled herself into the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy. Ang wanted to follow her passions and for the next decade and half, the caitian study law on her off time and soon received her law degree while patrolling the streets of Phoenix . Ang, stay with the PHXPD for another six years. However, most of her friends had either moved away to expand their knowledge through out the Federation. Which left the now thirty year old woman wondering what to do with her left.

She didn't have to dwell on the subject all to long. The cait enrolled Starfleet Academy to embrace her roll as a Security officer on aboard a starship, Station, or colony world. Providing security needs to all people. After four years, and learning an new career path in Tactical and ways of Security, the newly pinned Ensign, graduated the Academy. Ang's first assignment was aboard USS Grafenwöhr as one of the ship's security officers. Exploring along side the crew out in the expanse of the Alpha quadrant. Ang, kept her eyes open for any chance for promotion. When came up, she quickly placed her name into the position of chief.

Ang was given the Chief position of Security and Tactical of the USS Defiant. She, along with her staff and her fellow crew members, help put an stop to an Romulan mission. She was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Admiral Haster of Starbase Arcadia. Promoted to Lieutenant by captain Christopher James of the USS Defiant upon returning to starbase Arcadia after the cosmic creature ordeal. which destroyed an whole system, starships, and millions of lives.

Service Record Service Record Education:
-Avondale Schooling system
-Arizona Law Enforcement Academy
-Grand Cayon Universe: Crimial Law
-Starfleet Academy

Service Record:
-USS Grafenwöhr: Armstrong class
-USS Defiant: Constitution Class