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Lieutenant Michaela Holland

Name Michaela Holland

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 3” (1.6 m)
Weight 122 lbs. (50 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Michaela is a short, petite young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a pleasant and energetic demeanor that is present in all but the most taxing situations. In many ways a poster-girl for the fleet, Michaela embodies professionalism and youthful ambition, though it’s clear she adds to the uniform her own sense of trademark style and flair.


Father RDML Maxwell Holland (age 60)
Mother Meredith Holland (age 58)
Sister(s) Josephine da Gama (age 31)
Other Family LCDR (ret.) Damien Holland (paternal grandfather, age 87)

Personality & Traits

General Overview During her first few years with the fleet Michaela was known for being eager, flighty, and easily excitable. She was dependable, but prone to distraction, mood swings, and the uncanny ability to alienate those around her through her unwavering drive to succeed. Since then, however, Michaela has calmed down a bit. Time and experience have tempered a two-faced Gemini persona that better serves her needs and those of the fleet. She’s energetic, yet purposefully reserved; pleasant, but also emotionally detached. With her personality in a state of constant flux to avoid extremes, it’s clear that Michaela has not found a comfortable middle ground, and has a ways to go before passing herself off as a true seasoned member of the fleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Energetic
+ Intelligent
+ Innovative
- Mercurial
- Slight
- Untested
Ambitions Michaela doesn’t have many ambitions or long-term goals aside from the one she's already reached–becoming an engineer in Starfleet. She wants to continue working with cutting edge technology, visiting exotic worlds, and meeting people from all over the galaxy. While many young Starfleet officers look forward to working their way up the chain of command, perhaps one day making captain, Michaela has no such dreams… she merely aspires to enjoy a career that doesn’t involve getting hurt, killed, or kicked out of Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from computers, reactive substances, and machines Michaela has few demanding interests. When she’s not working, she’s usually content staying in her quarters snuggled up with a good book (or engineering journal), but Michaela can also often found in the crew mess or observation lounge, meeting friends and vying for attention. One of Michaela’s most passionate interests is fashion: she is a loyal disciple of the Orion fashion guru Avasha Devu, who custom tailors her uniforms and most of her off-duty attire.

Personal History Michaela Holland was born on April 9th, 2238 in a medical bay on Starbase One. She was born in space, grew up in space, and seemed destined to spend her life roaming the stars. She never worked toward that kind of life… it was an opportunity that more or less fell into her lap.

Born into a long tradition of family service to Starfleet and the Federation, stretching back to its foundation over a century before, Michaela grew up with the notion that there had never been a time when there wasn’t a Holland serving as an officer in the UFP’s Starfleet. Her father, a Starfleet captain, was the first to command his own ship, but his father, and grandfather had both put in decades of service to the space-faring organization as well. More than that, each managed to reach greater heights then the one before him. Needless to say, tradition ran strong in the Holland family.

Michaela was the younger of two daughters, so naturally her older sister Josephine was spoon-fed all the tradition and indoctrination… most of which she did her best to reject. Even their mother seemed caught up in it, though she’d never shown any personal interest in joining Starfleet herself. While Michaela never seemed to mind, Josephine hated always moving from place to place as their father worked his way up the chain of command. As soon as Josephine came of age and became old enough to enroll at Starfleet Academy, she’d had enough. She wanted to marry her long-time boyfriend and attend college with him, and was adamant in not pursuing a career in Starfleet.

The conflict of interest created a significant rift in the family… one that never properly healed. Josephine left, got married, and went to school to pursue a career in music. She contacted the family from time to time over the coming years, but was insistent in not coming to see her father again. Six years younger, it was some time before Michaela figured she would find herself in her sister’s shoes, but surprisingly the time never came. No one had ever pushed anything on her when she was a kid, and as she grew into adulthood she began to figure out why.

It was an unspoken rule that succeeding Holland men and women to join Starfleet would do his or her best to reach a greater height. As her father had reached captain, that sort of tradition now seemed on the verge of becoming an improbability; the next would have to be promoted to flag officer rank, a very rare occurrence indeed. Her father’s star was still on the rise, and while the officers in her family admitted that Josephine might have had what it took to get to the top, all seemed to doubt that Michaela ever would. They never even asked if she was going to enroll in the academy.

So, it came as a shock to the family when Michaela decided to attend… not to carry on the tradition, but to show them that she thought she had the right stuff. She shipped off the San Francisco, her first time living on a planet, and did her best to prepare herself for the worst ordeal of her life. As expected, the academy was an academic nightmare. Hours of courses every day, combined with hours of homework every night. It was almost more than she could take, and every year Michaela became more convinced that when it came down to it, she wasn’t going to make the cut. But when it came to graduation, by some miracle Starfleet seemed to disagree.

Michaela’s first assignment was the USS Sol, an aging Kelvin-class that had long been relegated to home system defense duties prior to her arrival. Slated for retirement, it was unexpectedly put back into first line service to meet a growing need for ships, and given a full crew complement. Upon her arrival, Michaela found herself surrounded by rusting bulkheads, obsolete equipment, and a tired warp core that should have been retired and dismantled long before she’d stepped foot aboard. It was not an ideal, or enjoyable first assignment, but it was what she’d been given, and she made the most of it.

As with her first few years at the academy, Michaela struggled adjusting to the fleet. She had no problem living aboard starships, and indeed, her fleet background was the major source of her frustration. She was used to being the captain’s daughter… not just another reactor deck troll. Staying focused on her duties, respecting the chain of command, and playing the professional were all aspects of the job that took a lot out of her once her shift was done. Even after her first year, she often wondered whether her family had been right… if she really was cut out for the job of a Starfleet.

After two years in Starfleet, Michaela still didn’t have the answer. One thing she knew for certain though… she was tired of the Sol. And she was starting to get a little homesick… if that could even apply to someone who’d grown up in space. She pleaded and begged her father for a transfer to his ship, the Daedalus, both because it was nicer, and also because it was where her parents were. In retrospect, ‘moving back in’ with her parents was probably not the best of career moves in the long-term, but it did conveniently come with more responsibilities; her two years of fleet experience made her the second ranking engineer aboard the ship, making her the assistant chief.

Michaela spent two years serving under her father aboard the Daedalus, and though they would probably be the most fondly remembered, she was not oblivious to the thought that they might later become a source of regret. Her father had always been a bit protective of her, not holding her to the high standards that he would have expected her sister Josephine to meet. Michaela did have an important job to do, of course, but serving in her father’s shadow insulated her from many professional challenges, mostly those involving leadership and discipline; few in her department seemed willing to risk the captain’s personal ire by giving her a hard time.

After two more years, Michaela’s time aboard the Daedalus came to an abrupt end. Her father had been promoted to rear admiral, something she should have seen coming, and that signaled the end of his time as a starship commander. With her parents no longer aboard the Daedalus, and with there being no immediate prospects for advancement there, Michaela saw little reason to stay. She put in for another transfer, and tried to distance herself from her father and his new position a little. She was reminded of why she’d joined Starfleet in the first place.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (2255-59)
2255: Cadet Freshman Grade
2256: Cadet Sophomore Grade
2257: Cadet Junior Grade
2258: Cadet Senior Grade

First Posting (2259-61)
USS Sol (NCC-0523), Kelvin-class Cruiser
2259: Engineering Officer

Second Posting (2261-63)
USS Daedalus (NCC-0812), Miranda-class Frigate
2261: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Third Posting (2263-Present)
USS Defiant (NCC-1764), Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser
2263: Chief Engineering Officer