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Lieutenant JG Samuel "Sam" Case

Name Samuel "Sam" Ridley Case

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Vega IX)
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 160lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Sam's origins are telltale in his height, deceptively slim build and overall lankiness. He is native of the Human colony on Vega IX, born in lighter gravity than Earth. Sam isn't a bulking bruiser or a body of intimidation. You'd be forgiven if you assumed he was an Engineer- until he started firing a phaser at you. He has had to work hard- very hard- to bring his body up to something that functions in normal or higher gravity. And it shows. His build is the product of extensive martial arts training. He moves more like his Andorian counterparts.

But Sam's preference is also peace to war and that shows in his easy smirks, how he leans in to engage you in conversation, animated limbs that move with gestures and speech. He chews his lip when thinking and wrinkles his nose bridge when things don't seem to add up. He doesn't seem placid or calm. Sam usually moves something even when he's still- tapping a thumb, shifting weight from hip to hip. He's pensive, mentally restless and always recalculating.

In looks Sam is average, neither ugly or attractive. He doesn’t stand out in a crowd except for his build. The overall impression he gives is something indistinctly European. Maybe Spanish, maybe French. He’s high cheekboned, his eyes have an almond-shaped exoticness. Up until the Sol he was clean shaven but since boarding the Defiant he’s worn a beard and mustache.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dale Case (Warren Moon, age 57). A businessman working in the latest of AR mesh technology
Mother Samantha Darrow (Vega IX, age 58). A policewoman, former Niner.
Brother(s) Michael Darrow (Titan, age 20, Half Brother). University of Titan, Sol System. Michael and Sam don't like each other very much.
Sister(s) Chloe Singh (Vega IX, Age 30, Stepsister). A xenoarchaeologist from the Vega IX Phoenix Project (attempting to learn everything about the now extinct, native Vegan species (large reptilianoids).
Other Family None of Importance

Personality & Traits

General Overview ISTP archetype, a little more extrovert-capable than the standard, but also Tumultuous. Sam has a vibe that is go with the flow but there are hard boundaries that he doesn’t want people to cross. He prefers to give people maximum freedom to excel at their best strengths and he trusts that they can be professional. As much of a risk taker as he can be in his private life, in the professional sphere it’s all about the data and he will sometimes step on the toes of people with an emotional element. He’s flexible. He goes by the spirit of the book not the law. But there is always a kernel to it that is not to be diverted from. Usually his reason is maximum safety, best reasonable result and minimal loss. He has no trouble standing toe to toe with a flag officer and telling them that they are beaming nowhere without an armed escort, for example.

Strengths & Weaknesses +Optimistic and Cheerful
+Practical Creativity
+Rational over Emotional
+Great in a Crisis. Sam just does not fall apart when things are exploding and people are screaming. He locks onto the most survivable end goal and runs with it.
-Can be Insensitive, usually without knowing he's being that way. But when it comes to work and life on the line, emotions take a back seat to practicality.
-Reserved and Private. Sam is a decent guy, friendly, irreverent, funny. But most people don't really know him, what's really in his heart. He doesn't like talking about himself and compliments make him uncomfortable.
-Stubborn. As go with the flow as Sam is in most situations, when things turn sour- or sometimes for reasons not clear to his observers- he will lock in and be very difficult to change his mind.
-Easily Bored
-Dislikes Commitment
Ambitions Sam is put off by the idea of marriage and children. His own parents were divorced by the time he was ten and though they're amicable, Sam still took the break hard. He uses the excuse of a bachelor for Starfleet to avoid most romantic entanglements. Truth is he's sort of lonely in that department. Part of him wants to do it over.

Right now Sam's main ambition is to whether what feels like another sustained conflict with the Klingons, keeping himself, his ship and shipmates alive. He spends a great deal of time reading over battle reports and tactical debriefings. He's not an engineer but he tries to make sense of the latest Starfleet technology in shield regeneration, angling and band rotation to maximize ship survival.

That long-dormant interest in Flight Control is still there, smoldering as a back burner regret that he doesn't feel prepared to act on. Not yet. He'd also like to learn some basics of trauma support .

Sam is always trying to better his skills in phasers (particularly phaser rifles) and hand to hand combat.

Command is of distant concern to him. He never really saw himself as Command material. He feels sort of useless sitting in a chair giving orders, preferring to assess and respond from a station (or squad). He's comfortable leading squads of security officers. But the big chair? Not sure he wants that or not.
Hobbies & Interests - Model building. It's fallen to the side since Starfleet but he swears he'll get back to it. Eventually.
- Cooking. Nothing flashy, just a handful of recipes from his Stepfather's side.
- Multiple martial arts: Including Krav Maga, Suus Mahna, Tai Chi and rudimentary Mok'Bara.
- Fencing (Destreza style).
- Rock Climbing.
- Spanish Guitar.

Personal History Long, long ago, the Casejos were Sephardic Jews from Aragon and Navarre who escaped the Jewish Pogroms not wholly intact and ended up in the United States. They shed their native Casejo name for fear of being targeted by wartorn American prejudice and postwar McCarthyism. Most never joined the postwar Zion movement for fear of Ashkenazi hardliners. Fast forward some hundred years, with many intermarriages and the globalization of Human culture.

The Cases of Sam's direct lineage were some of the first settlers on the new Vega IX colony following Colonel Green's extermination of groups he deemed inferior, the eventual rise of Augments, World War III and the terrors of post-Atomic Earth. Their colony was founded, like Alpha Centauri and Terra Nova, as an attempt to start over. On star charts it is officially known as Alpha Lyrae. It began as an outpost and one of the farthest Human colonies, even after the inception of the Federation.

Sam’s family is split but amicable. His mother and father were better friends than lovers, Dale often being absent because of his business ventures on the moon of Warren.
Service Record 2254-2255: Freshman Cadet; General Studies
Going back to being a raw cadet after three years among the Niners (the Vega Colonial Defense Forces) was difficult. He was the “old man” among people as young as five years his junior. Much of the general conditioning Sam could have opted out of but he chose to go through it. Being on Earth was unusual- different light wavelengths, atmospheric compositions and slightly heavier gravity gave him insomnia and occasional head and muscle aches. But he took the gravity especially as a challenge to adapt to, consciously working through retraining his balance and coordination. It was in his first year he met and briefly dated a Centauran who introduced him to the martial sport of Anbojyutsu. It helped with coping and retraining with it’s focus on kinesics and balance.

2255-2256: Sophomore Cadet; Security
At first Sam wanted to enter Flight Control, having some background with shuttles in the V-CDF, and his father’s business ventures on the Vegan moon of Warren. He comfortably took Zero-G training and emergency procedures but then he hit a dead end with some personality conflicts with one of the flight control school’s instructors. He “settled” into Security, a comfortable fallback routine that today he wished he’d pushed himself harder out of. It was little different than his mother’s policing work, or his own previous experiences. But he fired phasers well, was adept at a few martial arts and he’d studied the anatomy of the main enemy of the day- the Klingons.

2256-2257: Junior Cadet; Security Specialization
Sam’s proudest moment was taking the silver in the Interacademy Mixed Martial Arts Tournament, having bested an Andorian in the Quarters and a Vulcan in the Semis. He was defeated by another Vulcan in the final. He was invited to join Fireteam Delphi, a multisquad group that trained in extraction simulations. As the war with the Klingons ground on, focus shifted considerably to Klingon boarding tactics, familiarity with Klingon weaponry, common Klingon combat phrases and Klingon martial arts. Sam also took the Kobayashi Maru test. In his opinion he didn’t do well- he was hawkish and aggressive, attempting to blunt Klingon attacks by double-siding his port shielding to weather a Klingon broadside barrage and putting starboard to the Kobayashi Maru, acting as a barrier. At full impulse Sam’s plan was to “grab” the Kobayashi Maru with a tractor beam and haul it out of the combat zone at warp.

2257-2258: Senior Cadet, Cadet Cruise
Sam’s training time increased with Delphi and focused on rescue and extraction methods in deep space with little support from other fleet personnel. He had to train in armored gear and environmental gear, transporter enhancer technology as well as field hazmat casualty assessment (who you can save vs. who you can’t). There was a great deal of psychological conditioning and repeated simulations. Most of them were timed to reflect when a vessel, station or colony would be rendered “dead.” He graduated in the upper third of his class. His cadet cruise was aboard the Medical Cruiser USS Seacole (named in honor of Mary Seacole). They saw little action during his cruise. Two months after his departure, the Seacole was one of the first medical cruisers to respond to survivors of Nero’s attack on the fleet around Vulcan. Sam feels it was a missed opportunity.

2258-2260: Security Officer, USS Sol, Kelvin-Class
The Kelvin-class hold a special place in Sam’s heart. They’re romantic old relics of a time when Starfleet was less hawkish yet ready to defend itself. They were a frequent sight above Vega Colony as the aging ships were relegated to behind the lines duty. Sam still has the model of a Kelvin type he and his father put together. The Sol was, to him, an enchanting old ruin as boy met dream. But the job was also routine. Most of his work was not on the Sol so much as backing up starbase security when a drunken brawl broke out in the bars of many waypoints, cluster habs and aging trade hubs neglected by a runaway military budget and postwar scarcities. Sensing he’d yet again stumbled into a somewhat mediocre or missed opportunity, Sam started to look for a way out.

2260: Advanced Tactical Training, Arkanis Sector
Despite only handling shipboard weaponry and defenses when he manned the station in Kobayashi Maru simulations for his teammates, Sam chose to transfer to Tactical and requested to join the Advanced Tactical Training then located in Arkanis. Taking what was learned from the war with the Klingons and fearing a future outbreak of hostilities, the focus was heavily on Klingon and Romulan starship tactics and encouraged out of the box thinking, nonverbal and hand signal communication with bridge staff and new modifications to Federation starship combat maneuvers, which needed an update after the war.

2261-2263: Return to the Sol as Tactical Officer
Sam returned as a new Tactical Officer at th request of his Captain, and no sooner was the aged Sol pushed into the full brunt of front line duty. A lot of crew changes came about as the ship went from relaxed home guard to frontier duty. He doggedly requested retrofits and ship's resources to upgrade sensors, phasers and shield arrays. But truthfully the Sol was just a handy finger to stick in the leaking dike while people worked around the problem. Sam and the Sol had three skirmishes in a year alone as raiders tested thinned Starfleet defenses.

It all came to an end in mid-2263. High tensions with the Klingons saw raids and skirmishes. The Sol ended up being one of two casualties among a relief force that reinforced a beleaguered, outgunned Outpost Belfast. Though the majority of the Klingon vessels were destroyed, the Outpost was deemed un-salvageable and Sam's final memory of it was the garish white-blue of a Federation tractor beam pulling his surviving team's escape pod aboard.