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Commander Gerald Holmes

Name Gerald Edward Holmes

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown with some gray.
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Fit though slightly on the thick side. Not as physically active as he was in his younger days. Tall, salt & pepper hair. Despite the fact that Starfleet prefers it's officers to be clean shaven, he likes to keep a sexy 5'o'clock shadow to short stubble on his face. His right leg has been replaced with a robotic leg.


Spouse Alicia [Smith] Holmes, Divorced.
Children None that he is aware of.
Father Jonathan Holmes; General, Starfleet Marines, Starfleet HQ.
Mother Martha Holmes; Former stay at home mom, Nanny to her grandchildren.
Brother(s) Adrian Holmes, Deceased.
Paul Holmes Sr., Cargo Ship Pilot.
Sister(s) Dianna Holmes, Teacher.
Other Family Christine Holmes, Paul's wife.
> Kelly Holmes, Niece.
> James Holmes, Nephew.
> Paul Holmes Jr., Nephew.
> Brad Holmes, Nephew.
> Shirley Holmes, Niece.
> Becca Holmes, Niece.

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's a brilliant genius with a big mouth that can get him into trouble. He's not afraid to piss people off and it doesn't matter to him if they're enlisted, cadets, officers or Admirals. After his leg was severely injured and replaced with a robotic one he uses a pain medicine. Although some Doctors and Counselors seem to think it's in his head there's no way to prove it one way or another. He had a case of taking more then his prescribed dosage and becoming addicted. Although in recent years he's been clean and taking them responsibly. He's been known to keep a few bottles of Romulan Ale locked away for 'Medicinal purposes'. He'll even pay a little extra if it had been stolen from raided Romulan ships by Orion pirates. Since the loss of his legs, in whatever small way he can support the 'hurting back of Romulans', he would buy purchasing a stolen lot from a smuggler who brings it in for him. Mostly he uses it as an ingredient for medicine for Vulcans as a sedative. He only handles the serious medical cases himself and forwards the common cuts, bruises and colds to his subordinates. He thinks he's a better Doctor than most, even McCoy and that McCoy only got the Enterprise because of his friendship with Kirk. He's been promoted and demoted several times in his career bouncing between the Ensign, Lieutenant (JG) and Lieutenant ranks. He's not a social butterfly, more of a lone wolf. He usually ends his day reading a book on a PADD in one hand and a drink in the other hand.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Brilliant
+ Bold
+ Creative
+ Resourceful

+/- Obsessive

- Arrogant
- Cynical
- Superiority Complex
Ambitions Do be a Respected Authority in the Medical Field. He has already made it to Chief Medical Officer on a Starship. Eventually retire to a tropical paradise surrounded with scantly clad women. But with the threats that have been popping up in recent years, he's partly convinced he'll be killed in the line of duty before he gets the chance to retire.
Hobbies & Interests Fishing, driving fast land vehicles, swimming, gambling, reading. He likes the Pop genre music of the late 20th/early 21st centuries.

Personal History Born to John & Martha Holmes on May 15, 2218 in Boston, Massachusetts, North America of Earth. Gerald or Jerry as he's come to be called (Jerr-Bear by hims mother), grew up the son of a Starfleet Marine, moving from base to base to Starbase to Outpost and everywhere else they posted his father. He never knew how long he'd stay at one place so making friends seemed futile. He spent his free time with his nose buried in books. Tragedy struck one fateful day in young Jerry's life. He was reading a book on the way home from school walking along the roadside when a drunk driver lost control of his hover-car. His older brother Adrian pushed Jerry out of the way and got clipped by it, hitting the ground hard. Adrian died later on in the hospital. Jerry vowed to himself that he never wanted to feel that helpless again and began reading and studying what he could on medicine at the time. He committed himself to reading only academic books until he earned the title of Doctor. He graduated from high school at in 2235 and immediately enrolled in Medical School. In 2243, he graduated as a Doctor and joined Starfleet Academy. The standard stuff that was already known on Earth and within the Federation bored him and he wanted to be on the frontier exploring new never encountered before diseases.

In 2247, Jerry graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the USS Valiant as a Medical Officer. While he didn't encounter as much alien diseases as he'd hoped, there were a few. He'd volunteer to analyze them with every test he could think to perform with them to learn as much as he could from them. The CMO got the honor of treating them, so this was the next best thing. He'd mostly treat standard cuts and bruises and treating the common cold. These parts bored him to no end. Once in a while they'd get some serious injuries or into a battle that provided with more interesting cases.

In 2252, Jerry transferred to the USS Lexington when his first tour of duty was up on the Valiant. He didn't want to wait around a Starbase for weeks or months for the upgrades and refits t be installed for the new technological advances that took place over the past 5 years. Aboard the Lexington Jerry met and fell in love with Nurse Alicia Smith. In 2254, he married her. In 2257, he was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

In 2258, during the destruction of Vulcan, the USS Lexington was one of many ships assigned to the Fleet sent to aide Vulcan. They took heavy damage as the ships before them were being destroyed left and right by Nero. The Lexington's Captain ordered the ship abandon due to the severity of the damage. During the attack while working on treating a crewman, he slipped and slid across the floor towards a frame beam that had fallen and impaled Jerry's leg. The beam was cut with a hand phaser by a security officer and he was hauled into a shuttle and warped to nearby Andoria where he received medical treatment. He was eventually transported to Earth where he spent the next year and a half recovering, going through physical therapy and rehab due to his pain medication addiction. During this time he had gotten a blood clot in his damaged leg. His wife authorized the removal of the leg with a robotic replacement. Something he'd rejected during the initial treatment as he'd rather remain all man and deal with the limp, cane and pain meds. After he woke from the procedure, this caused a major fight between him and his wife that ended in his demanding a divorce and being charged with property damage (he kicked his hospital room door out of it's track with the robotic leg and into the hallway during the argument).

That experience changed him and he became a different man. Where before he was a fun loving humorous and sometimes a sarcastic guy who was best known as the favorite uncle to his nieces and nephews. Now he was bitter and a cynic with no love for the Romulans. His sarcasm is the only trait that survived, but it was darker than before. For a brief while he considered leaving Starfleet even if it mean becoming a homeless veteran on the street who chased his "happily ever after" at the bottom of a bottle of booze. And he only affords video calls home to his family for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.

Then San Francisco became heavily damaged when Khan crashed the USS Vengeance into the city. All the hospitals in the city including Starfleet Medical went Code Black. Casualties were being beamed in left and right, more than the currently on-duty staff could handle. Jerry immediately hopped out of his bed and went into a dressing room. He grabbed a clean pair of scrubs and immediately went to work in the surgical ward. He performed so many back to back surgeries he'd lost count. With all the chaos, nobody realized he was a patient at the hospital practicing medicine with the other Doctors until after the fact. He even became acquainted with Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy who came to help once he stabilized the Enterprise crew. Not that this sparked a friendship between the two, they were both set in their beliefs and stubborn men. They didn't see eye to eye on numerous topics. This rekindled his love for practicing medicine and helped him regain his sense of purpose. Even though afterwards he was charged with the practice of medicine without being cleared to. But for the good he done in the incident once his work was double checked, he only got a proverbial slap on the wrist. He did manage to catch a glimpse of an unconscious Captain James T. Kirk while at the hospital.

After that encounter he jumped through all the hoops Starfeet put before him to be declared fit for duty again and was assigned to the USS Endeavor as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. While he served their he kept an eye open for any Chief Medical Officer positions that would open up and then apply for them. And in 2263, he was accepted as the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Defiant.
Service Record 2243-2247: Starfleet Academy.
2247-2252: Medical Officer, USS Valiant.
2252-2257: Medical Officer, USS Lexington.
2257-2258: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Lexington.
2258-2260: Recovery and Rehab, Patient.
2260-2263: Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Endeavor.
2263-Present: Chief Medical Officer, USS Defiant.