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Ensign Colby Pierce

Name Colby Pierce

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 5"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall.
Blond Hair, piercing blue eyes.
Physical condition is muscular.
Considered by women as good looking.


Father Stefan Pierce, former Security Chief, USS Dakota
Mother Janice Pierce, deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite his appearance, actually very friendly.
Dedicated to his duties. But also likes to mix with the crew and have fun.
Exercises daily. Some would call him a health nut.
Likes the ladies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Combat veteran. Studies and trains in various forms of martial arts. Enjoys his duties.

Haunted by the death of his mother. She died by sucide after being diagnosted terminal.

Ambitions Eventually, command.
Hobbies & Interests Studies all forms of martial arts.
Reads military history, starting with the ancients Greeks and Romans to modern day.
In his spare time, dabbles in painting. Does portraits and landscapes.

Personal History Born on 2239, Colby Pierce was the only child to Stefan and Janice Pierce in San Francisco. A few years after his birth, the family relocated to a ranch near Bozeman, Montana. His father was a security officer in Starfleet, and due to his choice of assignments, was frequently away from the family. As a result, Colby was primarily raised by his mother, who he had a close relationship to. Colby was a bright child and his early school years came very easy to him. However, 2 years before the end of his secondary education, tragedy struck. Janice was diagnosed with a rare and terminal case of blood based cancer. An already overworked Janice was shaken by the diagnosis. Unable to confront the possibility of a slow degenerative demise, she acted on a whim one night, claiming her own life.
Stefan, heartbroken by his wife’s death, resigned from Starfleet and returned to Earth to raise his son. They soon moved back to San Francisco, so that he could support the family working in an advisory role at Starfleet Academy. However, his relationship with his son did not recover. The two were already distant due to Stefan’s time away and Colby held Stefan partly responsible for Janice’s suicide. The two clashed frequently.
The series of events had taken a toll on Colby’s school work. With his confidence and focus shattered, his grades quickly plummeted and he soon was barely getting by. It was only through a renewed commitment to his education that he managed to get his grades back up in time for graduation.
However, his natural abilities were still present. While he didn’t perform especially well on most of the categories, he excelled in his aptitude tests for Tactical and Security, earning him a firm place in the Academy’s advanced tactical training.

Colby’s Academy years were a marked improvement from his secondary education days. Now taking courses on the Tactical and Security path, he found himself much more suited to the work. That does not mean that things went easily for him. His father was an extremely accomplished officer in the same field, and a reputation like that can be difficult to live up to. Colby frequently pushed himself hard than was probably necessary to achieve the highest grades he could, eager to avoid living in his father’s shadow.
On his free time, Pierce joined the Academy wrestling competition, proving himself to be highly skilled in the sport, a feat which only supplemented his Security training.
In his first year at the Academy, he became emotionally involved with a fellow classmate, Penny Fowler. The two dated for the next two years. Unfortunately, as time passed, the relationship faltered. Despite the best of their efforts, Penny eventually decided to end the relationship, as it wasn’t something sustainable. The break up, though not unexpected, hit Pierce hard and it left him struggling emotionally. Though he started several relationships afterward, they never managed to stick.

In the final year of his Academy stay, Colby was assigned to take a Cadet cruise aboard the USS Hood. The voyage didn’t take them far into space, mostly focusing on local pirates and scavengers. However, it did allow Pierce exposure to combat on a few occasions, including an attempted boarding of the Hood, which Pierce helped repel.

After graduating with high marks, he was assigned to the USS Ramses. Just a few months into his assignment, Colby had an opportunity to distinguish himself. The Ramses was in the middle of a Cadet cruise, and thus a decent portion of the staff was off ship. It was at this time that a small swarm of pirate vessels attacked the Ramses, managing to disable it. Boarding the vessel quickly, they captured most of the bridge crew, the Communications officer barely managing to get off a distress call.

Colby, who had been training several of the Cadets at the time, managed to evade detection. With the 8 cadets in tow, he snuck through the vessel and set up a successful ambush for the boarding pirates. Taking out a number of them, he bought enough time to free the rest of the crew and hold off the pirates attempts to retake control. A Starfleet vessel soon came to rescue them. Following these events, Pierce and the Cadets who had worked with him were awarded medals and a letter of merit in their file.

Colby was later transferred to the USS Valient, where he served as a leader of a Security Division, reporting to the Sec/Tac Chief. The vessel had numerous skirmishes as it patrolled along the Federation border, giving him the opportunity to gain additional experience.

In late 2263, Colby was transferred to the USS Defiant, where he would serve as Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer.
Service Record 2255 - Assigned to USS Ramses as security/tactical officer
2257 - Transferred to USS Valiant as Security Division Head.
2263 - Transferred to USS Defiant.