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Ensign Samaire MacBride

Name Samaire MacBride

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24 (28 Chronologically)

Physical Appearance

Height 5f5
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel


Children Skylah Summer MacBride - Niece - Nearly 5 years old, (Nearly 7 chronologically)
Father Laird Hamish MacBride
Mother Elena Haddock – deceased
Brother(s) Douglas MacBride Aged 30 – Half Brother
Sister(s) Skye MacBride Aged 18- Suspected Illegitimate child, (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Samaire, or Sam as she is known is rather quiet and unassuming. She spends her time off duty in her cabin, reading or tending to her cat, since taking custody of Skylah, she spends time with her niece.
Ambitions To find out what happened to the Acheron, and why no one will let the crew talk to each other.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Skiing, Golf, Orbital Skydiving, reading and Swimming

Skills: Certified Pilot – Galileo Shuttle Class, Constitution Light
Cruiser, Anton Escort Cruiser, Loknar Frigate, Remora Escort Destroyer
, Solar Patrol Cutter

Federation Standard, and Vulcan, though she hates to speak it.

Personal History Samaire was born to Laird Hamish MacBride and his second wife Elena Haddock on January 1st 2236. Her parents were very much a loveless match and even though her younger sister Skye was born 5 years after her, the family knew that Hamish and Elena, didn’t share a bed after the birth of Samaire. Samaire grew up, raised by nannies and governesses, and was often found following her half brother Douglas around the estate, learning all she could about it and the people who lived there when she escaped the watchful eye of the governesses.

At age 14, Samaire watched her mother die from a congenital heart failure which she refused to get treated. After her death, Hamish banished then 9 year old Skye from the family home, sending her to a distant relative’s place to live. Sam and Douglas were both shocked at this but Douglas, who at 18 was heading to Oxford university, could do little to save their little sister. Douglas was studying economics at Oxford and would continue to do so, with the aim that one day he would take over the estate from their father. Samaire chose another route. She threw herself into her studies aiming for Starfleet. She wanted to live away from the Estate, even though she loved it dearly.

At 17 she packed her bags and hopped a transport to San Francisco. She spent several months exploring the city and taking the entrance exams. She started at the academy in 2254.

At the academy Samaire worked hard. She only had contact with Douglas during this time, her father pretty much disowning her from the family as he had done with Skye. Douglas sent her money, and set up a trust fund for Samaire against their father’s wishes. He also set up one for Skye and attempted to locate the now 12 year old. But Skye had vanished, it was if she too had died. Samaire worked hard at the academy, passing her classes with high marks. Her four years there were rather uneventful, and in her 4th year, her father came to visit. The breach between them was finally healing, slowly. After graduating 3rd in her class, Samaire accepted a posting at Jupiter station as a shuttle pilot. Her duties there included but were not limited to, shuttle piloting, Helping Civilian Ships navigate through the chaos as a ‘pilot’ on their ships and tugboat duty.

In 2259 her CO transferred her to the USS Acheron as a helmsman. She packed her bags without complaint and took her cat, Seraph with her. The cat had been her 21st birthday gift from her brother Douglas. While on the Acheron, she was notified she was now guardian of a 3 year old child. Her niece, Skylah, daughter of Skye.

In 2260, the Acheron was lost with all hands in mysterious circumstances. These circumstances are still under investigation.

In 2264, The USS Acheron was found floating in a nebular. All hands were in suspended Animation. The crew was slowly revived and sent to DS34 for healing, counseling and reassignment. Samaire, was among the first to be revived and she and her niece Skylah, and the cat Seraph were sent back to Earth. She and Skylah spent 12 months on Earth, relearning the estate for Samaire and spending time in their heritage. Then Samaire went back into retraining to be able to go back on active duty.

In 2364 Samaire returned to duty on the U.S.S.Defiant, as a Helmsman, bringing her niece and cat with her.

The crew of the Acheron have been scattered across the fleet. All have been prescribed different medications and are banned from speaking to each other. The captain and executive officer have not been seen since their awakening.
Service Record 2254 – 2255 Cadet 4th Class
2255 – 2256 Cadet 3rd Class
2256 – 2257 Cadet 2nd Class
2257 – 2258 Cadet 1st Class
2258 – 2259 Ensign, Jupiter Station, Shuttle Pilot, Navigational Pilot.
2259 – 2259 Ensign, USS Acheron, Helmsman
2260 - 2263 USS Archeron listed as Missing in Action, all hands lost

2263: The USS Acheron was found floating in a nebular All hands were in suspended Animation. Crew were revived and sent for rehabilitation.

2264- Helm officer, USS Defiant