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Lieutenant JG Ephraim Deveraux

Name Ephraim Deveraux

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Huam
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 210lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Electric Blue
Physical Description Ephraim is an athletic, clean cut, young man. He takes meticulous care with his appearance and typically has his brunette hair cropped short in a mid-fade. He wears a black duty uniform which is always immaculate when on duty.

Off-duty, if he opts for some alone time Ephraim typically wears a pair of board shorts and a baggy tee. If he opts to be amongst the crew, he tends to wear the classical Flannel, Tee and bootcuts comb, finishing the look off with a pair of vans or chuck taylors.


Father Harold Deveraux, Proprietor and CEO of Deveraux Technologies
Mother Pauline Deveraux, Senior Research Manager of Deveraux Technologies
Sister(s) Lucia DuBois, Junior Analyst, Research and Development of DuBois Technologies
Other Family Thomas DuBois, Brother-in-law, Owner of Dubois restaurant.

Personality & Traits

General Overview An analytical young man with a knack for observing patterns in data and behaviour. He has a hunger for knowledge and an urge to help others. He is on the higher-functioning end of the autistic spectrum, but can adequately mask when required. When comfortable enough with someone, the mask drops and his traits become more apparent. He is prone to burnouts unless he makes regular visits to the ship's counsellor in order to keep his stress levels low.

He prefers dim and ambient light and his office and quarters typically reflect that.

He rarely socialises but is always keen to participate in a match of fencing. He is also a practitioner of Aikido.
Hobbies & Interests >Psychology, specifically behavioural analysis
> Reading, Generally non-fiction (Science, True Crime and Engineering)
> Fencing
> Aikido
> Intelligence acquisition and analysis

Personal History Although the Deveraux family were considered wealthy, Harold Deveraux had insisted that their family home would always be somewhere rural and private so the family could enjoy time together in peace. The Deveraux family owned and operated Deveraux Technologies, a small private firm that developed bespoke drones for the public sector. By the time Ephraim was born, the family had settled in a small country home on the outskirts of Pleasington, Lancashire.

Whilst his parents were kept busy in their roles at the family company, they began bringing a lot of their work home in order to be around their son. As Ephraim grew, his parents began to notice traits that led them to believe their son may be on the autistic spectrum and eventually had him diagnosed around his fifth birthday. As a result, his parents ensured that he always had the professional help he needed to prepare him for a functional adult life.

Initially, at school, he struggled to fit in, but in time he learnt to mask the traits of his condition that would make others uncomfortable, taking a specific focus on maintaining appropriate eye contact. He did well at throughout his pre-Starfleet academic career. It was during high school that he decided he wanted to be an intel operative and his focus narrowed towards history, Computer Sciences, politics, sociology and psychology.

By the time he had finished High School Ephraim was eager to head for the San Francisco, but his parents persuaded him to stay at home before he was due to enrol. That Summer would be the last time Ephraim and his family were all together at the same time more than once a year.

Academy life suited Ephraim thanks to the rigid routine and the structure the Academy's rules promised. He majored in Operational Intelligence which would see him having a more active role amongst the general population the fleet and minored in Scientific and Technical Intelligence to gain the insight needed to analyse or operate technological systems relevant to assignment.

After leaving the Academy, Deveraux was assigned to the USS Britannia as an Intel Operative for the scout vessel. He would spend four and a half years serving the crew, analysing and report on a significant amount of intelligence collected on the Klingon Empire. By the time he was ready to move on, his dedication to operational practises and aptitude for determining patterns led to the Ensign being offered a Liaison role that would see him assisting ships until a fully functional Intel Department could be set up.

After twelve months of training, he managed to secure a position on the Defiant and secured passage with the USS Giffords to arrive in time to support the crew in the pursuit of the USS Indomitable.
Service Record 2259-2263, USS Britannia, Scout:
- 2259: Intel Operative, Ensign
- 2261: Intel Officer, Ensign
2263-2364, Starfleet Academy, Support and Liaison training
- 2264: Graduated, Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2264-Current: USS Defiant, Consitution Class:
- 2364: Starfleet Intelligence Liaison Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade.