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Warrant Officer Patrick O'Mara

Name Patrick Jameson O'Mara

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 177.8 cm
Weight 71.2 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average height, runners build, with long blonde hair that he keeps pulled back in a pony tail while on duty, a scruffy beard, and piercing blue eyes. Off-duty he wears traditional grease monkey attire, blue jeans, an old t-shirt, and work boots.


Father Michael O'Mara (SFMC, Deceased)
Mother Katherine O'Mara (Starfleet Science Division, Active)
Brother(s) Patrick (38) , Declan (36)
Sister(s) Suzanne (29)
Other Family Nicole Jameson (Maternal Grandmother), Daniel Jameson (Maternal Uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing, friendly, energetic, loves to laugh, devoted friend
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Intelligent, responsible, and driven
Weaknesses: Over confident, talkative, forgetful
Ambitions Get to a position working with the Corps of Engineers on starship design, or software design working on the PCAP-SYS operating system in use in Starfleet
Hobbies & Interests Structural engineering, computer science, running, horror movies, cooking

Personal History Patrick Jameson O'Mara, PJ to his friends, was born in Carlsbad, NM, to Michael and Katherine O'Mara. His father, in his late fifties, was a retired SFMC Colonel, and his mother was a consulting scientist for the Starfleet Science Division, working on anthropological research projects via the science labs at New Mexico State University. As the youngest child PJ was always the momma's boy of the family, and got his way in almost everything, but still managed to somehow not turn into the spoiled brat of the family, leaving that to the middle brother, Declan. He was an active boy, playing in little league, and running track from the earliest he was allowed to do so. Upon graduation he considered his options, and chose to enter the world of academics, instead of going straight into Starfleet, and entered the engineering department at New Mexico State University, declaring a major in Engineering science, with a minor in computer science.

Six years later he graduated with a Master in Engineering Science, and a Bachelors in Computer science, and then applied to the STSA, gaining a position as a Warrant Officer, and an assignment as an Engineering officer on the USS Altair for his training cruise. He would stay there for one year, making sure he was properly prepared and trained, before being given his more permanent assignment to the USS Defiant as an Engineering Officer
Service Record Education
2254-2260: New Mexico State University
Masters in Engineering Science
Bachelors in Computer Science

2260-2262: Starfleet Technical Services Academy - Engineering
2262-2263: USS Altair - Engineering

Warrant Officer
2263-Current: USS Defiant - Engineering