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Chief Warrant Officer Gerald Crocker

Name Gerald Augustus Crocker

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 225
Hair Color Black with Grey Sideburns
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Physically fit, has a well rounded physique and keeps his stamina up with cardio.


Spouse Deborah Elise Crocker (nee Scott)
Children None, both Gerald and Deborah are incapable of conceiving a child.
Father Francis David Croocker I
Mother Martha Anne Crocker (nee Fredrick)
Brother(s) Francis David Cocker II - 2 years older
Richard Wayne Crocker - 4 years younger
Sister(s) Alexandra Michelle Crocker - Gerald's twin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gerald has a very open and friendly personality. He never shies away from a conversation. He can also seem alittle devious, namely because you would not expect him to be a security officer with his personality.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Ability to establish rapport with people
+ Expert marksman
+ Explosive Ordinance Disposal technician
- Alittle short for a fighter
- Tends to talk loudly at people
- Prone to faux pas
Ambitions Gerald hopes to eventually retire back to his family ranch in Wyoming. He is fairly close to reaching that goal.
Hobbies & Interests Gerald enjoys reading a good book. He also likes to cook traditionally, with an emphasis on a Midwest style cuisine. Gerald is also a very skilled poker player.

Personal History Gerald was born on March 22nd 2226 in Bozeman, Montana. Gerald and his sister Alexandra are twins, and the middle children of Francis and Martha Crocker. When Gerald was 6, the family moved to Sheridan, Wyoming when his father acquired a cattle ranch. Gerald was raised with animals and is a skilled horseman. He always did what he was told and was a very dependable worker. Gerald's dedication to the ranch had an effect on his schooling, leading to average grades. With Gerald's older brother Francis Jr. expected to take over the ranch, Gerald had very little choice in what to do with his life. At the age of 18, Gerald enlisted in Starfleet as a security officer. After boot camp, Gerald married his childhood sweetheart, Deborah Scott. After Gerald's first tour on the USS Endeavor he and Deborah learned that they were unable to have children. While devastating news, He and Deborah committed to never stop trying to find a way.
His dedication to his job also allowed him to earn many commendations. However, Gerald still felt that there was a glass ceiling, which he hit fairly soon in his career. After seven years into his career, Gerald was offered a posting to Starfleet Academy. Gerald rejected the offer, preferring to stay as an enlisted man. A few years later, when Gerald applied for the Starfleet Academy, he found that he had been black balled for his previous rejection of appointment. He was offered the opportunity to go to Warrant Officer School, which he accepted. Gerald worked hard and became an expert in security and law enforcement with Starfleet. He also earned his EOD technician certification which made him highly desirable. When the USS Defiant was commissioned, Gerald applied to be the ship's Master-at-Arms as his final tour of duty before retiring back to Wyoming.
Service Record 2244 - Enlisted Starfleet Security
2245 - Assigned USS ENDEAVOR Security Team member
2247 - Assigned USS FARRAGUT Security Team member
2231 - Assigned Yorktown Station Starfleet Security Investigator
2235 - Assigned Starfleet Headquarters Diplomatic Security
2240 - Assigned to USS CONSTELLATION as Deputy Master-at-arms
2245 - Entered Warrant Officer Selection School
2248 - Assigned USS COLUMBIA as Master-at-Arms
2252 - Assigned Earth Space Dock as Master-at-Arms
2259 - Assigned USS REPUBLIC as Master-at-Arms
2263 - Assigned USS DEFIANT as Master-at-Arms