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Ensign Orin Saar

Name Orin Saar

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-Romulan Half Breed
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 182
Hair Color Deep Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Orin is tall, built a little slender, but very muscular for his size.

His skin is a little more pale than usual for a human with a slight green pigment.

His ears are pointy but he typically keeps his hair just a little longer to hide them.

Orin also keeps some stubble on his face to in case he has to come up with some sort of character for his missions.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Silas Saar
Mother Elseen tr'Saar
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None ever mentioned

Personality & Traits

General Overview Orin has been a trouble maker most of his life. He tends to have a quick wit and even quicker temper. Sometimes turning into a blind rage. However it has been some time since this has happened.

He tries his best to be a loner and stick to himself, finding it's easier that way.

Orin is a highly intelligent person but loves to play as dumb as possible to throw everyone off.

He typically carries a Karambit style knife on him at all times, and hides it under his pillow at night.

He prefers projectile firearms, like the TR-30 prototype, as opposed to phasers.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Bladed weapons

-Firearms combat
-His mouth
Ambitions To find a cure for the disease that killed his mother

To be better than his father.
Hobbies & Interests Cigars, Whiskey, Violin, Music, Sharp weapons.

Personal History Orin was born to a Human Father and Romulan mother. While his father was a Starfleet Officer, his mother was a brilliant scientist for the Romulan Empire. While she was working on trying to figure out what happened during the Kelvin incident, it came to pass that instead of helping Starfleet with Research, the Romulan Empire wanted to use the information for themselves to create weapons to help destroy their enemies. For some reason, this was met with some ire from his mother, so she reached out to Starfleet and asked for asylum in exchange for all of her research.

During her asylum within Starfleet, she was allowed to continue her career as a researcher. She as always met with a little disdain and curiosity, but due to her brilliance, she was usually left alone to do her work. It was here that she met Orin’s father, a Starfleet Helm Officer. The two of them first started hating each other, but eventually developed a friendship that evolved. Eventually, she became pregnant with their child, Orin, who was born on the science vessel Terra. It was here he spent the first few days of his life. Once they got back to Earth, Orin’s parents were finally married.

From there, Orin grew up in a good and loving home. His parents wanted the best for him. However, the rest of his life seemed to be an incident. All through school he was bullied and for being different. He had retained some minor Romulan features, slightly pale skin, pointy ears, and the green blood that runs through their veins.

At the age of 14, Orin’s mother died of a disease that was more known on Romulus than the Federation planets. The Romulan’s refused to give up information about the disease, so his mother died as a result. It was while watching his mother die that his father developed a drinking problem. Shortly after her death, his father ended up getting into a fight at a bar while Orin was left home alone at that young age. Starfleet gave him the ultimatum of retire or go to prison, so he quietly bowed out. He has continued drinking since.

Orin himself struggled through school, but not academically. His studies showed that he had his mother’s intelligence but his father’s quick temper for being bullied.

2254 - 2258
Eventually he got himself through school, he went to University to become a Physician with an emphasis in Oncology and a minor in Toxicology and Toxins. After getting all the way through, his last month of schooling before starting clinicals he quit. Orin stated he could no longer continue the program for personal reasons, even though he was ranked third in his class.

2258 - 2262
Shortly after, he joined Starfleet. It was here that Starfleet Intelligence gained interest in him due both his adeptness for toxins, as well as his heritage as a Romulan half-breed. While he was originally groomed for interrogation, he was found that he excelled at getting out of terrible situations, albeit sometimes with some unorthodox methods. It was here that Orin trained in the art of infiltration, and minorly in interrogation methods.

2262 – 2264
His first posting was on the USS New Liberty where he started his real career as an infiltration specialist. Most of his time was spent training for the eventuality of something to happen. During one day, the USS New Liberty was attacked by a group of raiders. The New Liberty easily destroyed the engines and shields of the raiders, but decided to send Orin over to test his skills out. This was met by some ire from most of the Department Heads, but Captain Aswanna sent him anyway. By himself, Orin was able to take down half of the small crew without raising alarm, but had to evacuate quickly once it was found that they had set their self-destruct. Captain Aswanna was relieved of command for sending Orin to the ship by himself to “test his abilities” and Orin was transferred because of the fall out.
Service Record 2262 – 2264
USS New Liberty
Infiltration Specialist