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Lieutenant JG Samuel Kincaid

Name Samuel Robert Kincaid

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 187 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall, and muscular, with wavy brown hair, and piercing hazel eyes. No tattoos. Long, thin scar across right rib cage. Walks with a confident stride, and speaks with a vaguely accented, deep voice. Left handed.


Father Robert Kincaid (Deceased)
Mother Amanda Kincaid (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sam, having been raised on a colony world, has some idiosyncrasies, compared to some of his other crew members. He tends to be more private about his life, and yet, at the same time, can be very outgoing, and doesn't mind being around people. He is a very strong willed, and ethical person, who takes great pride in his work, and strives to always give his all when it comes to doing his job.
Strengths & Weaknesses Work Ethic
Unwilling to commit
Anger Issues
Ambitions Sam hopes to one day work his way into a captaincy. He does not wish to go further than that, preferring the adventure of travel, and exploration far more than the idea of being tethered to a desk.
Hobbies & Interests Sam’s hobbies are simple, he enjoys cooking, and has an interest in wine and spirits, and he enjoys books. His more active interests usually revolve around such things as hiking, and being out in nature as much as possible, with an avid interest in fishing, hunting, and motorcycles.

Personal History Sam was born on the Aldeberan colony, and was the only child of Robert and Amanda Kincaid, a civilian couple. Robert was a botanist, and Amanda was an artist, and together they researched, and illustrated books detailing the flora of various worlds in the Federation, and a few beyond it as well, when they could get their hands on the material.

It was this upbringing, with an emphasis on a love of nature, and a drive to spend time out of doors, that shaped Sam into the active young man he was. He excelled in his studies, and was a sure candidate for entrance into any scientific school he wished to apply to, but then tragedy struck when he was seventeen. During a week long vacation to a small, uninhabited, m-class moon just outside the Federation borders, both of Sam’s parents were killed in a plasma storm. He alone was spared as he’d been sent up to monitor the storm from the small ship they were using for their research. He attempted to rescue his parents, but the storms electrical interference rendered it impossible to beam them out, and the small ship had no shuttle. By the time the storm had passed he had already come to understand that his parents would not be found alive.

He spent the remaining two days locating and burying his parents bodies before returning to Federation space, and alerting the authorities. As he was seventeen years old he was emancipated, and allowed to inherit the meagre material possessions of his parents, which he quickly sold, and then fled the Aldeberan colony for Earth, where he applied to Starfleet.

His scores on the entrance exam veritably guaranteed him a slot in the science division, or in engineering, both areas of study he was very good at. To no one’s surprise he quickly accepted the invitation to enter the science division, and set out to double major in biology, and physics, with minors in quantum mechanics, and evolutionary cosmology.

From the academy he was immediately assigned a slot as a junior science officer on the USS Roanoke, which was being dispatched on a deep space mission slotted to last for up to five years, and tasked with exploring an area of space prone to developing unexplained phenomena. That five year assignment turned into a seven year assignment, and launched Sam into a fairly quick rise through the ranks, going from Ensign to Lieutenant J.G. before the ship returned to Earth for crew reassignment and a badly needed refit.

Moving on from there, he was assigned as a science specialist on the USS Broadmoor, a Mayflower class vessel, assigned to survey a newly discovered M-class world just outside Federation space, that was a possible candidate for colonization. The Broadmoor would spend the next four years cataloging the various forms of life found on the world, as well as the geology, climate, and various other aspects that would be required for the Federation council to make its ultimate decision.

During the last six months of the survey Sam became aware of a posting he felt would be appropriate for him, and jumped at the chance to apply. It was a long shot, and he knew it, but he took the leap anyway, and applied for the biologist slot aboard the USS Defiant. He knew the Constitution class vessels were going to be the place to be for research and exploration in the coming years, and, in honor of his parents love for science, and his own as well, he wanted to be in on that if at all possible.
Service Record Education
Starfleet Academy - 6 yrs

Fleet Assignment
USS Roanoke - Oberth Class - 7 yrs
USS Broadmoor - Mayflower Class - 4 yrs
USS Defiant - Constitution Class - Current