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Ensign Ethan Edwards

Name Ethan Edwards

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185 Lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ethan is an average human male. On the slightly taller size then usual, and just a little heavier then he wants to be.
He wears his hair with regulation standards.
On duty, he wears his regular duty uniform, which is kept neat and trim. When he's working in the lab, he usually wears his lab coat, because he sometimes likes to stick his hands in it's pockets while he thinks.
Off duty, if he's alone, wears blue jeans and a t shirt. If he's among people, clean slacks and a shirt.


Father Jeremy Edwards
Mother Isabel Edwards
Brother(s) Lex age 21
Sister(s) Lena age 19
Other Family Per and Astrid Hagen, maternal grandparents

Personality & Traits

General Overview Archaeology is his career, but he enjoys reading, especially historical novels involving ancient cities and ancient battles. He also loves reading the latest archaeological techniques and discoveries.
He likes being with people. He's been known to hold some interesting parties.
On display, are models of some historical digs he's been on.
A statue is displayed in a prominent area because he is very proud of it.
On the walls are images of Viking life...village life, sea life and battlefield images.
He has a portable piano, one that rolls up. He's not a master pianist, but he likes to try.
Strengths & Weaknesses S - Creative. Has developed computer programs that has assisted him in his work.

W - Terrible with weapons.
Ambitions To uncover an ancient race and their civilization.
Hobbies & Interests Archaeology is his work, but his hobbies include reading, usually historical novels of ancient civilizations. Also reads archaeological journals detailing new digs and equipment. Ethan also like mystery novels, classic 'who-dun-its'.
He enjoys music. When he's alone, he plays classical music.
He plays poker, not very good at it, but keeps trying to improve his game.
Basketball is a favorite pastime.
An old pub game, darts, is also something he likes to play. Trying to make the dart hit the correct target is always relaxing.
He passed the required phaser training as a cadet, but he was never really any good with a phaser, so he goes to the holodeck to target practice. Will one day, ask someone from security to give him lessons.

Personal History Born in San Francisco in 2236, the first born son of Jeremy and Isabel, who worked as theoretical scientists at the Daystrom Institute. Ethan would often travel with them when they attended seminars on other worlds, sponsored by the Daystrom Institute.

Ethan enjoyed these trips. Hearing about different cultures enthralled him.

Being around so many scientists, he learned many things, even thought he was very young.

When his brother arrived, the family settled full time in San Francisco and his parents stopped attending the seminars, choosing to spend their time at the institute.

And when his sister arrived, Ethan would visit his grandparents in their native Norway.

His grandparents were able to trace their ancestry back to the 800's AD, where they discovered that they were descended from Vikings Kings and Lords.

It was while he was in Norway, they traveled to historical archaeological dig sites. He saw unearthed bones, weapons and an almost intact Viking longboat, the ship the Vikings would travel in when they went on trading and raiding voyages.

This was when his love for archaeology blossomed and he decided this was going to be his life's work.

Back in San Francisco, Ethan continued his school work, working hard, getting good grades.

Ethan worked hard, and along the way, made many friends, both scientists and non-scientists. He felt the non-scientists helped keep him grounded.

He entered college and studied archaeology. The courses were hard, but he was able to maintain good grades.

It was here that he fell in love for the first time. Her name was Abigail, she was in the same classes he was. They dated for 3 months when they decided they would live together.

In his third semester, he was invited to join an off world archaeology expedition, that would last a year. The expedition was sponsored by the Institute and led by Professor Gaylen. The professor had been one of his professors at the college. It was a great honor to be asked, only the best of the archaeology students were asked, Abigail was also asked.

The expedition arrived on Omega Sagittarii 3 and the dig began. Each student was assigned a grid which was theirs to work on. The professor oversaw all the students. A few of the students discovered bits of pottery in their grids, sometimes someone would find an intact piece of pottery, which the Professor would inspect and gave his approval.

In the last week of the expedition, Ethan, working his grid, uncovered the top of what looked like either a tomb or a vault. He alerted the professor and work began to uncover what they could in the time remaining.

With 2 days before they had to leave, the tomb was opened and the Professor was allowed the honor to be the first one to enter. Inside, he discovered skeletons, pottery, weapons....and several statues. This was a major find in archaeology circles.

Finally, it was time for them all to go. Just as they were boarding the shuttle to return to Earth the Professor rewards Ethan with one of the smaller statutes. This was a major honor for a student to receive.

Back at college, picking up where they left off, Ethan worked to make up the work he missed, even when he was told he didn't have to.

Ethan graduated with his degree, and his masters degree, based mostly on his work on the dig.

As he received his diploma, Professor Gaylen offered Ethan a position to be one of his assistants. This was unheard of that someone so young to be awarded this honor.

Ethan had to turn the offer down, he had decided to attend Starfleet Academy. Professor Gaylan understood, and said "If you very want to return, the position will be waiting for you."

Abigail was angry that Ethan decided to forego the institute and instead enter Starfleet Academy. As they talked she started crying. She said "But we're in love, we should be together." He responded, "I do love you, but I feel my destiny is in Starfleet. I need to travel the stars looking for that one ancient race that I can discover." He took her hand. "I want you to come with me...we can do it together." She shook her head and refused.
The last he saw of her was when she got off the transport, and disappeared into the crowd.
3 months later, he heard that she got married to an archaeologist at the institute.

Service Record 2260 - Entered Starfleet Academy, majoring in science, specializing in alien archaeology and anthropology.

2264 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. 23rd Percentile.

2264 - Assigned to the USS Defiant.