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Crewman Recruit Gejad Kel

Name Gejad Kel

Rank Crewman Recruit

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 18/377

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 142 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Gejad is short, and thin, with pale tan skin, off-set by his rich brown spots. His hair is a sandy brown, and his eyes are a gentle blue.


Father Torev Po (Unjoined)
Mother Arali Po (Unjoined)
Brother(s) Dobrin Kel (Joined/Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gejad is an inquisitive, curious young man, with a desire to learn, and to further the knowledge of the Federation. He has an easy smile that always reaches his eyes, and an openness, and willingness to learn about, and get to know people that puts others at ease around him.
Hobbies & Interests Xenobiology, art, poetry, reading, swimming, hiking

Personal History Gejad was born on the Trill homeworld in the year 2246. His childhood was average, and uneventful, though also a very happy one. His father, a merchant, kept the family well supplied with the comforts befitting them, and his mother, an artist encouraged her children to explore the world around them, and see the beauty therein.

When Gejad was fourteen, and his older brother Dobrin, was 27, the two left Trill, along with one other person, Elani, Dobrin’s wife, to study the life forms found in the jungles of a newly discovered m-class moon several weeks distant from Trill. The two brought Gejad along because they had recognized a burgeoning love of science in him as well, and wish to promote it.

A week and a half into the expedition, however, disaster would strike, and only Gejad and Elani would return to Trill. While in a remote location, nearly two days hike from their landing site, Dobrin advised Elani and Gejad that he was going to go bathe in a nearby waterfall, and would return shortly. After nearly an hour the two became worried and went looking for him. While approaching the waterfall Dobrin had been attracted towards a rock formation, and unknowingly stepped on a weakened piece of stone which had collapsed, and knocked him unconscious. It had pinned his legs completely, and he had a severe concussion. By the time Elani and Gejad found him it was far too late to save his life.

This tragedy was compounded by the fact that Dorbin was also joined. Thankfully the Symbiont was not injured, but would, of course, join its host in death if a new host was not available. As Elani was already joined as well she was of no use in this matter, and so, taking a massive risk, the two decided to attempt to save the Symbiont by transplanting it into Gejad, making him the Kel Symbionts fifth host. Neither of them had the training, or the medical knowledge to know whether it would work, and, by the time they returned to Trill, Gejad was nearly dead.

Thankfully the doctors on the homeworld were able to stabilize him, and the bond with the Symbiont, which had already become complete by the time the two of them were able to return to Trill. As such it was impossible to remove the Symbiont without risking death for it and Gejad both.

When Gejad was recovered and released, he was placed in the care of the Symbiosis Commission, so that they could assist him in coming to terms with the experiences he was having as a newly joined host, and help him to understand how he would need to live his life to ensure the safety of his Symbiont. They also helped him to begin to incorporate the other lifetimes, nearly four hundred years of them, into his own mind, and work through the complexities of adjusting to the personality changes that came along with it, which were also mixing with his own personality changes coming from his adolescence.

It was during this time of change, and acceptance that Gejad began to truly grow as a scientifically minded individual, and it was this growth that would lead him, four years later, at the age of eighteen to enter Starfleet as a non-commissioned officer, in the sciences track, as a Laboratory Technician, with the intention of learning hands-on until he was comfortable with the idea of entering the Academy and becoming a full officer.

Service Record USS Defiant - Constitution Class
Crewman Apprentice - Laboratory Technician