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Ensign Piers Drayton

Name Piers Drayton

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 197 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Piers is a tall muscular, but not overly muscular human male.
He carries himself in a positive, assured manner at all times.
His hair is collar length, which is within regulations.
He has a goatee and a mustache.
He has piercing hazel eyes.
No scars or tattoos.

On duty, standard duty uniform. kept neat and clean.
Formal occasions: Standard dress uniform.


Father Viktor Drayton
Mother Jano Morgan Drayton
Other Family His closest friends of the other diplomatic corps.
Vulcan female : T'Sai
Denobulan male: Phlon
Tellerite male: Grerv

Personality & Traits

General Overview Piers, the son of Federation diplomats, is self assured of himself. His attitude is one of extreme confidence in everything that he does.
Having been raised on the planet Vulcan, he's learned to use logic in everything he does.
Piers has a pleasant and friendly attitude.
Piers, in a social gathering with strange people, can be somewhat reserve and withdrawn, it's only when he gets more comfortable with new people, will he be more friendly and open.
Strengths & Weaknesses S: Respectful and fair.
Because of his family background, good at dealing with diplomats.
Loyal with family and crew.
W: Can be overly formal and distant.
Overconfident with himself.

Department Skills:
Minor engineering exposure, suitable for armory maintenance and tactical system repair.
Starfleet extension medical medtech training.
Some diplomatic skills.
Ambitions Main ambition, his one ambition, is to serve his ship, his captain and the crew to the best of his abilities.
Hobbies & Interests Piers likes to read, novels mostly, but sometimes reads historical dramas, murder mysteries and science fiction.
Plays chess.
Plays poker, but not well.
Enjoys exercising, not only his mind but his body as well. Tries to exercise at least twice a day.
While at the gym, sometimes gets into pickup games of basketball.
Plays the piano and the Vulcan harp.

Personal History Born and raised on the planet Vulcan to Viktor and Jani Drayton, the Federation ambassadors to Vulcan.
The family mostly stayed at the ambassadors compound where Piers went to school and would play with the other ambassadors children.
There he met and played with human and non-human children. There were Denobulan and Tellerite families living in the compound, as well as human children.
Piers early education was handled by tutors, who taught at the school in the compound. Piers was considered to be an above average child.
They were provided by the Federation. Classes include, but not limited languages, history and the arts.
Piers learned and understood almost everything the tutors tried to teach him. Some information stuck, some didn't.
Play time was interesting for the diplomats children. Piers had Denobulan, Tellerite and Vulcan children to play with.
Social functions were usually for the adults, but, on occasion, the children were permitted to join their parents. Most times, the events came off without incident. But there were times when the children would misbehave and were told that they ruined the evening. Truthfully, the parents usually thought of these occasions as dull and looked for ways to get out of them, but the parents never told the children that. The parents were happy with whatever the children did, as long as it didn't include violence.
The children, usually Piers, made up games for themselves to play. Usually only the Denobulan children were involved, but on occasion, some Vulcan and Tellerite children would join. Piers made friends easily with the other children. He formed bonds with some of the other children, even a Tellerite child.

He writes to T'Sai, as well as Phlon, the Denobulan boy and Grarv, a Tellerite often.
Most of his time, on Vulcan, was geared towards learning. He had his fun, but his parents insisted on him getting an education.
With his parents connections, he met many Starfleet officers, captains and commanders, who spoke of their time in the service.
His parents wanted him to become a diplomat like them, but the interaction with the Starfleet officers made him decide to enroll at Starfleet Academy.
By the time he was 18, Piers applied to the academy. So with his education credits, and the recommendations of the officers, his application to the Academy was accepted.

The next semester, he joined Starfleet Academy as a cadet.
He choose Security/Tactical as his major.
His first semester at the academy, Piers had little free time, so he tried to contact his parents at least once a month. Same for T'Sai and Phlon.
Some of the officers he had met, dropped him notes offering suggestions on how to handle certain situations. These came in handy.
The officers suggested he take an emergency medtech training course, and a engineering extension course. They said that both of these could come in handy.
By the end of his first year, Cadet Drayton marks were in the top 20%. His instructors had nothing but praise for him and his work.

Second semester got off to a rocky start. Weapons and tactical training began in earnest.
Weapons training was hard. Some cadets either washed out or switched majors. But Piers stuck with it.
One class, the cadets had to field strip a hand phaser, then put it together. Doing it while you could see was hard, but the instructors had them wear blinders, to simulate a dark night.
Piers panicked, a first, but he remembered what one of the officers told him, "When in doubt, take a deep breath."
He did, and it all fell into place.
He striped the phaser 10 times.
His last time, he could strip the phaser, then re-asssemble it in 17.4 seconds!
The instructors were happy with his progression.
Simulated bridge studies involved working at the tactical console under various scenarios....approaching a planet, detecting a derelict ship. The students were graded and Piers was 13th out of 50.
His marks for the year? 3rd in his class.

Before the 3rd semester started, Piers contacted T'Sai, just to say hi. She told him that had joined the Vulcan diplomatic corps. Piers was happy for her, and hoped that they would cross each other's path on day.

So, with final tests and evaluations done, he threw himself into his books, with time to get to the gym, where he would lift, punch the heavy bag, and if there was a pickup game of basketball, he would join.
By the end of the semester, his grades remained near the top of the class.

The final semester was easier. Class were just reviews of all the previous work they did.
The fun part was getting time of a ship. Usually one of the older model starships the academy used for training...but it was on a ship!!

The year flew by so quickly.
Graduation was right around the corner.
Piers graduated 25th out of 175.

Upon graduating, Cadet Drayton was assigned to the USS Argo, as a member of the security section with the rank of ensign.
His department head praised Drayton for his attention to detail, and gave him excellent marks in his evaluations.
On the Argo, he met Ensign Karen Logan, an astrophysics.They hit it off and dated for the 3 years he was on the Argo. They often had dinner together or watched the movies that were played in the ship's theater.
He said goodbye to Karen when he transferred to the USS Tallahassee.
They said that they would remain friends.

On the Tallahassee, Drayton was assigned to the Security/Tactical section. He sometimes was given bridge duty, mostly the late shift, but it was on the bridge!
After 2 years, he was named the Acting Chief of Security. The Security Chief, LtCdr Roy Hobbs, pushed for the promotion, cause he saw great potential in Drayton.
Drayton reached high marks and commendations on all his reviews, and was awarded with many commendations.

After another 2 years, at the age of 29, with 8 years of service, Drayton was transferred to the USS Defiant.