The Sim

The year is 2263.

The Federation is in the process of remodeling itself. After the shocking loss of Vulcan and the defensive militarism caused by Nero's attack, the UFP is pulling itself back toward the idealistic and peaceful goals of its original mission. Starfleet has made a renewed effort to put exploration and diplomatic outreach as its primary goals and has christened several new ships under that banner. Settling into an uneasy calm with its Romulan and Klingon neighbors, the Federation is looking to find new frontiers.

The USS Defiant is unique among its Constitution-class brethren, boasting a modular design which allows her to be outfitted for a variety of mission profiles. Assigned to the fledgling Starbase Arcadia in the distant Carinae Traverse, the Defiant must help the Federation establish roots in this far flung frontier, serving as one of the only Iines of defense for the unfinished station and the main means of diplomatic outreach to its neighbors. Defiant plays a vital role in supporting Starfleet’s expansion, shaping the political landscape of the region, and exploring the uncharted systems of the region. Along the way, the crew is going to carry out Starfleet’s Mission: seeking out new life and new civilizations as they boldly go where no one has gone before.