Specifications - Starbase Arcadia

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Class Frontier Class
Role Starbase
Duration 200 Years
Time Between Refits 20 Years
Time Between Resupply N/A, Self Sufficient


Length 1500 meters
Width 1500 meters
Height 1200 meters


Officers 500
Enlisted Crew 2000
Marines 200
Civilians 8000
Emergency Capacity 20000


Cruise Speed N/A
Maximum Speed N/A
Emergency Speed N/A

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Phased Grid Array
Armament Type VI Single Bank Phasers x 30
Type VI Twin-Mount Bank Phasers x 20

Heavy Torpedo Launchers x 30

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttles Dozens, varies over time
Runabouts Starbase Arcadia is similar to the Yorktown, design but on a much smaller scale. Much closer to the Cardassian Nor station in size, the station is capable of docking a handful of vessels in each of its four "pier" tubes, aligned perpendicularly along the stations equator. The city structure is built on the top of each of these tubes, without the arching arms of the Yorktown design. A series of rail-trams connect the major piers to each other. Large artificial lakes have been created between the piers, which help with oxygen creation due to their algae populations.

The station is broken up into 5 major sections:
Promenade Pier-
The primary location where vessels dock. This 1/2 mile long pier is dominated by the civilian businesses that are aboard the station. Most of the buildings are only a handful of stories tall, with catwalks connecting them.

Residence Pier-
This is the pier which contains the residences aboard the station. There are apartments and condos for all the inhabitants and staff of the stations, as well as housing for the Starfleet and Civilian Vessels that may dock at Arcadia. This pier has no enterence port for vessels to enter the station, but instead houses a repair wing which is only accessible from within the station.

Diplomatic Pier-
This wing houses the diplomatic offices and docking bay for the station. The wing always has some diplomats on hand, meeting with the various representatives from cultures in the region. The center building, built in Neo-Greco-Roman style, is the center of most meetings.

R&D Pier-
This location is the housing for the Starfleet R&D Division on Arcadia. It is a highly classified section of the starbase, housing numerous laboratories. Though it has its own external docking port and ship housing, it is inaccessible to any but those with the highest clearance. It is also the only pier not connected to the other tubes.

Command District-
This is a tower like structure, connecting each of the piers and extending to the two polls of the structure. It holds all of the Starfleet Offices and Equipment, other than R&D.