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Nothing but Meh

Posted on Mon Aug 21st, 2017 @ 10:48am by Lieutenant 'Iron Kitty' Ang

Purrrsonal Log Entry: Ang in sickbay

Minus the fact that I was bitten and damn near turned into one of the walking dead. I still enjoy doing job. It does, however, have it's own risk and awards. One such award is meeting Jerry, my Dr. Banner. He's the Ship Chief Medical officer and Xo of the Defiant. Risk is having an relationship with an senior officer. Award, he's all I can ask for in a man. Risk, any given moment either one of us will be called into harm's way.

But, it would appurrr that the captain has an inkling that the two of us have started an relationship. We were going to ask for his blessing. However, Karma, stepped in and we had all sort of things dropped upon our laps. Me, as the Defiant's Tactical and Security CO, My duties were, for the most purrrt, purrrtecting the away team. While Jerry remain on board doing double duties himself. Then just as things were about to look good, Karma, through an curve ball at us all, with Zombies.

Read ship entry log for details. I don't recall much once I returned to the ship. I have feeling Jerry wasn't overly pleased at my state of well being. Though, he did get to see more of me, then he normally does and bald too.

Ang giggles

Not sure, if Karma was pissed off this day or what, but, she once again gave us all more fun. Please note that I am being sarcastic. We discovered an NX refit and a Romulan ship that were both nearly an hundred or so years old. Jerry and a few others beamed over. Sure, I was pissed off at the captain for the orders. But, it was only an moment in time. I understand the choice the captain made. I don't have to like it, but I understand it. However, that's all I have to say, except I smell cotton candy.


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